Changes to Tower Attack


Hmm, I doubt a research or a rider would make it for a 4 levels gap. Something is really wrong, and it is not only the attack.


its only a 4% increase… sound like a research thing.

mine and warlords match.

do you have the green research for 6% combat tower damage?


Maybe you are right… I stopped running after those green eggs at a moment in time. Let me check and come back to you.

Edit: I have the 4% combat tower damage only. 2% difference in research -> 4% difference in attack is something I didn’t expect.


From a team mate who has no further research nor defender rider.

Something is really off


Because we never knew the levels we paid for brought no effect…


Thats odd. Sounds like ANOTHER bug…


yes i get that… and they are fixing it (asap i hope).


I would like to restate my opinion on this…
there has been no bug that dark flak haven’t been gaining attack power buff from lv 40 in first place.
That is obvious from people’s screen shot posted before.
So clearly, they said their going to fix an issue and just made something that was working fine and messed it up again.
Now, is it only me, but it really doesn’t seem that fire turrets attack has gone down after this announcement…


Looks like Fire, Ice and Flaks have been rolled back to the 41 lvl - even screenshots are the same for the ice I checked


well, increased HP still increased while the damage was capped by the bug. unless everything was stuck at level 40~41, i think compensation is needed.


Although I’m not asking for compensation, the only communication we got about the problem came after we pointed out the OP issue post 3.90. Now, they’re apologizing for that and explaining this only happened because of an issue that had been around since the specific towers were introduced. They clearly didn’t point out this needed change when they announced the proposed balance changes and as a result, it then becomes a trust issue as it looks like intentional deceit by omission.

Personally, if I take them at their word now, I feel like shame on me for not catching the discrepancy though we could clearly see that fire turrets appeared to be only moderately effective. Gauging the precise amount of damage actually applied vs. stated stats is not perfect since we’re judging by optics and not event logs. Which they likely took into account and judged that since all players were affected equally (those who hadn’t reached the affected level threshold had the potential) they implemented the fix…without announcing because they hoped it wouldn’t be noticed and thus avoid major compensation requests. That of course is just supposition, but when someone changes something without notice and only communicates after it broke something else that did get called out, the ‘intent’ behind the lack of communication becomes highly suspect.

So, at this point, to mitigate such accusations it seems probable some type of compensation will be offered…


My biggest concern is:

  • The OP was result of fixing an internal bug preventing proper increase of power since lvl 41 for certain towers.
  • Instead of confessing this the fix is rolled back to avoid the massive cry-out of Over powered Towers around.
  • Now it’s analyzed how the increase to 60 doesn’t end up so dramatic.

But all in all everyone having upgraded didn’t get what he expected since quiet some time …

Correct? @PGJared


What I dont get is this

There was no bug in eg flak towers pre patch.

I had a lvl55 flak - it did say 1/6th of a noctuas health per shot. As seen in many replays.

Now it does 1/14th or so.

Something doesnt add up.


Because it acts now like a level 41 flak …


Yeah but PG is claiming it was doing this before they “fixed it” but the fix overdid it and they rolled back.

I’m saying it wasnt doing this before the “first fix”


Did they confuse Dark Flak with Fire Flak…? :confused: Can anyone screenshot a L60 Fire Flak?

Dark Flak vs Fire Flak - raw (no boosts/research/runes/riders) from 3.74

  • L37: 1.33M vs 775K
  • L40: 1.79M vs 1.04M
  • L55: 6.15M vs 3.98M


Hmmm, Don’t think so
Fire flak is even lower
Level 52:
Attack: 1.01m
Health 4.53m
Special 3.47m


I’m seeing the same thing.


It might be a stupid question, or maybe irrelevant to the topic but…
Are farms and lumber mills not giving any defense power at all ?
I mean, the same base with lvl 30 farms and level 39 farms have the same defense power ?


Defense power is an e-peen mechanism, and nothing more.

I strongly suggest learning to read base layouts and tower levels, it will help a lot more