Changes to Tower Attack


Not helping me at all but ok sorry for asking


She just gave you good advice. Take it. But yes farms and mills don’t add to defence power because they don’t defend…


No I’m not trying to be mean. Lemme try explain again

You are correct in saying a lvl 39 farm makes it a lot harder to defeat a base, then say a level 30 farm.

However, trying to figure out if a base is ‘hard’ or ‘easy’ to defeat, isn’t really a function of defense rating.

You will see a long base with say 200m defense power, but lvl 20 towers on all 8 islands
You will see a short base, with say 120m defense power, but lvl 35 towers on islands 3-4-5

That second base is MUCH harder to defeat.

So, you are correct in saying higher level farms are harder to kill, and the fact that they don’t factor into defense ratiing is perhaps a good thing, since people get caught up in defense rating. It would be better for the general base population, if there was no defense rating to be seen.


You should create a new topic for discussing this to not distract from the main discussion.


I ask in order to know if there was an issue with those towers too.

@Gox1201 thank you. Since I saw that their health went up with levels I thought they were included in defense power. Now I know, thank you.


Back on topic… Without an audit log, PG can’t guarantee us that only three types of towers are only affected. Does the dev team know if red mage supershots are doing 100% correct damage at level 50? Damage wise it’s not really important, but trust wise the community can’t really verify the hp, attack and special attack stats are working 100% correctly for every tower in the game.

Ethics wise, this is not the first time a major change to game mechanics was rolled out without informing the players and the larger community. The development team needs to provide video evidence or statistical logs of every type of tower, totems included, demonstrating that the stats shown in-game are not fraudulent.


To add to gox’s Other description, Defense rating is also affected by runes…even if they are runes that don’t have a corresponding tower on the island… like a legendary lightning frenzy, but no lightning tower. You can also review the types of runes in the map view, but this takes time. Although I use defense rating factored into any analysis of a base when attacking, the base layout ( like gox said) and tower levels are the first indicators. In the end, it proves as little more than a deterrent for those seeking rss, xp, or even war choices for those not inclined to actually review the base.


They are going to need to add 15 more levels to the Obsidian dragons when all is said and done.


Thanks! I needed that laugh! I just passed my coffee through my nose and messed up my screen! Show us your proprietary information…provide video evidence… lol… wow


Nice strawman, I never asked for proprietary information. I asked for QA/QC logs that show that tower stats are not being manipulated on the output results that we see in-game. If you don’t have a problem with a company advertising three products and their statistics falsely…that’s on you. It’s not impossible for them to setup test islands with each tower type and varying levels showing live numbers to demonstrate their authenticity.

If we were talking about three financial products or investments that a company reported false statistics for two consecutive quarters, no one would be laughing right now.


All I am going to say is that I am glad atleast PG found this bug now instead of never. Wether they told us they would be changing it, imo, makes sense when dealing with something like this as it is obviously an embarrassing thing when for almost a year, towers don’t increase in damage at all…kinda shows part of the issues this game has in the more technical side.

But…I don’t think they should go up the power that they were the other day. My Necryx should not be almost one shotted at maxed garnet (113mil AP) by a level 45 fire turret. That, in my opinion is completely unbalanced. I agree with an increase in the attack power of those units as it might make me take back my remarks about how I consider fire turrets as free rage. Over all, I think it will balance out bases so it isn’t so easy to just “cruise” through bases without strategy.

Though I do have a question. How in the actual world was this not noticed when these towers first came out lol? It seems like this would have been noticed before they came out…it just goes to show how stuff like this gets by developers which explains why there are so many bugs and glitches in everything that comes out. And I honestly don’t think dark flaks were “capped” per say as when I attacked lvl 45 dark flaks and then a level 55, there was a noticeable difference. Maybe it increased some but not as much as it was supposed to or something.

Oh and last thing, it hasn’t been rolled back yet as my Necryx does still die on the xp base within 3 shots done by the fire turrets. I know for a fact it isn’t rolled back becuase of that…I made sure to test before and after.


Its a game, and whether the pixxel does 500 pixxelated damage or 700, while showing 500 or 700 is really not important at all.

Once it settles down, there will be a new status quo - the actual values are pointless, its nice if they correlate - its clean programming - but if they dont, no one will notice.

Case in point - cannons and archers were doing double what they should have for two years and no one noticed nor cared.

So this seems like a storm in a teacup


Exactly, don’t try and associate numbers to these towers or dragons. You can see it is obviously not consistent as every single time I log in, I have a different defense power and the huge difference between your defense/attack power when you look at it and when someone else does. I tend to look at this stuff relative to full health bar and number of taps…simple but honestly the only thing that is consistent in this game.


Yep @Gox1201 exactly. Doesnt even matter anymore, theyre just going to do whatever tf they want at this point. Balances, rollbacks, fixes, nerfs, intentional, unintentional, info omission, incorrect info…the list goes on.


Your argument is basically if PG wants to project false statistics to a consumer it’s okay as long they promise to fix or balance it later? That’s like saying a bank can mislead an investor on the condition of a piece of property they sell to them and everything is just fine and dandy as long as they voluntarily agree to give the investor some better property next to it to compensate for the money they have already accepted from them… :thinking:


Has it ever been considered about sending employees to workshops to enhance their ability to do their work? I don’t know why this game tends to have more bugs than others, and I am not sure that has ever been discussed here on the forums by an employee. My opinion is that this issue just highlights the underlying issue here…you guys miss stuff while coding a lot. I am no coder, but I know the game is coded, so if something is wrong it is related to that. It isn’t even like these are little things, NO INCREASE IN ATTACK POWER FOR 20 LEVELS is a HUGE difference. Spells that have been brought to your attention for literally over 2 years are still broken. Ever update I am nervous about downloading as people are taken down to level 0, the game crashes, you get sync errors every 5 seconds, and so many things that plague this game…and there is no explanation on why this happens.

So at this point I am going to assume its the employees, and while I won’t go as far as to say to fire them (which would happen at other companies when people don’t do their job the right way the first time) I would suggest sending people to workshops to refine their skills. Just my opinion on all of this mess. Pretty sure others would agree with this

@PGJared @PGEggToken


if the numbers can just be tweaked like this, I do wish to have my rubies or speed ups back. You can take my towers away.
Why? Today archer is strong. Tomorrow dark flak is strong. Next week trebuchet becomes the king. If the base strategies have been based on flawed information that could be tweaked at anytime, then everything is so up in the air. Then in principle, there’s no point in strategizing, or strategizing the base does not even exist because everything we know could be wrong from the start. A strong layout base becomes a luck rather than a good representation of anything.

I know PG is not ignoring this issue because this is too important. PG, you are on the make side; we are on the take side. We take what you make for us. Engage more with us in the conversation would be a good start, what do you say?


They say…

Buy the mythic divine first, then we can talk.


Much like your misunderstanding of the cause for my laughter, you clearly don’t understand proprietary info… as in it’s theirs… and no lawyer worth their salt would advise that they do so publicly…on their own forum or otherwise. The notion that I am ok with the way the handled it is equally laughable… your best outlet for such calls to action would be through whomever you would pay for in-app purchases or write a review…

However, here’s what really gets lost and will eventually lead to PG following the customer service directives of other gaming companies…’admit to nothing, declare less.’ The fact that they even discuss topics in an open forum like this is relatively unique. Had they not admitted to mistakes, the fix comes through in a patch and they move on… some players may leave,but the risk to the brand is much less. Here , they seek feedback and engage (at times) in at least some level of accountability, whether it’s best for the business or not. Going way beyond that to show proprietary info is a huge stretch at best.

If you felt my laughter was aimed at you, it was not my intent… just laughing at the thought of a company handing such info over at such a request on a forum, but if you succeed, more power to you.


I did buy the mythic. And I didn’t get to talk. Well, talking to myself and my fellow dragon lords.