Changes to Tower Attack


Ohhh I think I know the issue…

That had some glitches and bugs too. Just give it a year or so to give PG time to fix it. Then you will get to talk :slight_smile:


And Jared is away from forums now for the month. Impeccable timing…


I have no idea what field you work in, but both the iOS and Android apps can be decompiled. They may own the information/code, but it isn’t at all encrypted and any software developer can crack open the files and look at all their logic for the client-side mobile application. Finding bugs or exploits in software is a lot easier than figuring out if a company is cooking their books or running a complex legal or financial scheme.

They could deny or not acknowledge the issue and quietly patch it. But, that is a double-edged sword for both potential PR and legal reasons. When I was looking at the attack power stats for the level 60 fire turrets it was pretty obvious why a Noctua would die in two hits. It was just a matter of time before someone realized that the raw math wasn’t adding up and that players were spending too much time depending on the in-game feeling to realize the stats were incorrect.


Jared is in charge of support. problem is Jared is on forums a lot but he’s for support. Issues we discussing here require an expert in a different field, but we don’t get to talk to them much.


Well they didn’t tell us they patched things at first and people noticed very quickly lol. Personally I haven’t paid much attention to the stats of >45 towers where the bug would have been more obvious because it’s been out of my building range until this event :see_no_evil:
I think some of us noticed some towers not doing as much as you’d think they would but assumed that it was poor balancing or something and not a bug of this scale. I’m still not convinced there was absolutely 0 increase in power after 40 though


I’ve worked in a number of fields, which include developing programs as well as wearing a white hat for years. Client side is what’s exposed and the logs or code you’re looking for likely aren’t there. It was easier in the past to crack, run a trace, and learn and read code in any program and to a great extent that’s still possible regardless of encryption strength. Whether a developer or hack can do something, doesn’t mean they should and doing so is more of an infringement than the very questionable way PG handled this. Patching fixes with little more than general descriptors is common and acceptable practice. In this case, the initial bug had gone unnoticed by the masses and did not come to light until they told us about it after the new bug we all recognized and pointed out. So no, there would have been no jeopardy, legal or otherwise, outside of player attrition. All they really needed to say was they did find the problem that was causing certain towers to inflate AP and they have rolled it back. Then when they put in the fix, it would fix both. In the past, they owned such mistakes and compensated players… so the fact they didn’t say anything initially opens them to scrutiny of intent.


You seem to not be aware that it came to light because of a forum post from a user observing said undisclosed patch, the same day. They made an announcement to handle PR because the last time they didn’t do that it blew up on them lol. :rofl:


I am very aware, I and others posted around the same time on various threads. And this is the ‘after’ bug… which is ONLY a bug that hey fixed… it’s the bug that’s been around since the inception of the affected towers that did NOT increase in actual power after level 40. This is what they admitted to only after the many posts about the ‘new’ bug post 3.90 update. This is the only real problem here… because once ‘we’ as a collective group pointed out this bug they then admitted that the new bug was due to a fix they put in for a previously undisclosed bug (level 40 issue). Sadly, I spend waaaaaay too much reading the threads here, but thankfully there are some very helpful individuals willing to knowledge share.


Weren’t you saying in a different thread that base defense was too strong, max bases couldnt be penetrated if defended? If this ends up being an accidental nerf of towers, is that a bad thing?


Honestly, I think the thing that bothers me the most is the fact that they knew about the bug and tried to quietly “fix” it without telling us. They knew it would piss people off that they had not been getting what they paid for the last 20 tower levels and hoped they could slide the fix by without us noticing too much. lol
Good try.
It will be interesting to see how they fix this. No way they can leave it as-is. It doesn’t make sense for the towers to stay the same and it’s not fair to the people who bought the higher levels believing they included AP increases. But if they do increase the towers, there will have to be some dragon adjustments or the whole balance of the game will be severely thrown off. The problem is, you can’t just add a few more levels to the top of the mythic obsidians and call it a day. Because it’s not just the top end people who are affected by the change. Garnets and Emeralds and even some Sapphire tier peeps are fighting towers in that range as well.


Hey guys, I’d just like to point out that prior to Jared’s post re 40+ towers, no one actually knew what was going on. All we knew was that the towers suddenly got some huge buffs.

They could have easily come out and said something along the lines of “We made a coding error in 3.9, we’re sorry and we’ll be rolling it back”. Instead, PG came out and fessed up to a longer standing issue. They didn’t have to - they could have easily hid it.

So, I say, they probably made a mistake and missed out the tower change in the 3.9 change log. I don’t think this was deliberate. And I’m personally really happy they fessed up to the underlying issue instead of hiding it.


No, they’re not fixed. At. All.

Meaning they are still OP as hell…


So it isn’t just me then. It is not the way it was before the update.


I really don’t understand why people keep saying “it’s okay, they could have hidden it, but they didn’t!”. An ethical company would disclose any major gameplay changes. An unethical company would cover it up.

“They didn’t have to - they could have easily hid it.” This would make them unethical, inferring that they don’t have to disclose a change like this is unhealthy for our community. They did have to disclose it…maybe they made a mistake in forgetting to tell the support team. But it’s not the first time they didn’t disclose a major change.

If they would have fixed the bug capping attack power, in order to hide it, they would have had to nerf the tower stats to compensate. You don’t think anyone wouldn’t notice that either?


No I’m saying that we need to give them kudos for not hiding it. I agree with you completely.


Y’all can argue they shouldn’t have hidden it, should have, whatever. Who cares.

Fact is, they screwed them up. Now they are saying they were rolled back to prepatch status and I can tell you with 100% certainty, they were not.


You keep saying “they have to…” Have you read the tos? From my understanding you don’t own anything in the game no matter how much money you have put into it. Your base, your dragons, everything belongs to PG. They have the right to revoke your access or 0 your account for any reason they choose. There is absolutely no legal standing for anything you are implying. By downloading the game we have accepted the tos regardless of if you read it or not.

They put out compensation for pr and consumer relations for many issues but they dont have to, they chose to.

If they want to buff or debuff towers or dragons they are not required to say anything to us at all. They should, from a pr standpoint and to prevent public outcry, but are not required to.


It seems better now than it was post 3.90 but I don’t think it is the same as pre 3.90.

I’m hoping they move quickly with their new rebalance (but still thoughtfully) and we see an amazing balance improvement in the next few weeks. I was so excited to get my Flak to 50, these last few days have been disappointing to say the least. :joy::joy:


I’ve seen a low 40s fire turret basically one shot a level 45 Borgian. That’s. Not. Even. Close. To. Right.

I’m using Necryx pretty much exclusively until they fix this mess.

Ok, almost half health.


That isn’t even a shot, that’s the fire stream. Was there also a shot? I would estimate 1/3 :joy::joy: I hate health bars. Increased damage % I’m not sure about. Borgian has always taken damage quickly from my experience. All dragons with healing mark seem to die very quickly. :thinking: I tend to cloak quickly around turrets with no mage nearby so I am not seeing this very often.