Changes to Tower Attack


Why does Ice increase AP on upgrade, Fire and Flak don’t going to the next level?


Because their “fix” broke them —> they are reflecting rougly a lvl 42 tower’s normal attack.

I’m happy they are looking at it though, I’m hoping in the end most things go back to 3.8 levels, except that the Fire turret normal shot must be signficantly stronger than 3.8

And ballista :stuck_out_tongue:
Staying tuned…


Well it seems maybe they should research things a bit before release …it will be very interesting what’s happens with this mess …I have level 60 towers used a lot of my hard earned chests timers and cash to get them. It isn’t right to not get the power we paid for but they will have to drastically increase dragons attack power or release a new tier because what’s out there now won’t stand a chance. I want what I paid for and sorry but a level 40 tower with the same attack power as the 60 I broke my ass to get is just not acceptable. In hindsight maybe they should have gone from 50’s to 55’s instead of 60s but now pandora is out of the box so they should make this a priority to give us what we paid for …I for one don’t think it’s ok to see one dragon float through my base with 60’s as much as I like Noc he shouldn’t be able to solo a max base with ease but I also feel for the poor folks who just got him …it will be interesting to see how this all play out.


I can tell you what is coming. You’re going to get ignored. They’re going to release the new towers/dragons, probably with some massive bug/issue. Some are going to quit. Some are going to complain and then go into debt trying to keep with it. Then, there is going to be shock and surprise at why the player base could possibly be unhappy. If they have teams outright hacking to their advantage and using it as a threat then this issue is hugely minor. At best you’re going to ger like 5 gold chests and a “you are lucky we let you play our game :joy::joy:


Sadly you are probably completely correct …:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Probably? :joy:


So, I’m not sure if it was part of the update or part of the rollback, but I’m noticing that stun is working differently too.

It’s difficult to put my finger on it exactly, but I’m finding my dragon unable to attack for long periods. I think potentially it was specifically changed for necryx when hit by a supershot dark flak while elemental barrier is on.

I can’t be sure that it was never happening before, but it’s more pronounced now. Either it wasn’t stunning all of the time or elemental barrier blocked stun, or it was happening but the stun duration was much less. Something changed as I’m now constantly waiting long periods for dragon to respond again.

I can’t say it’s a bad thing as stun seemed to never be a difference maker for me, but it seems like a rather serious mechanic change.

EDIT: @PGJared - this is where I described the issue with stun


I noticed that it’s much more noticeable now, too. Like you said not saying it’s a bad thing, but just saying I’ve noticed the same. Previously I feel like it was such a short duration that it was over before I could even notice I was stunned lol.

Edit: “I noticed that it’s much more noticeable” go me.


Well I’m glad it’s not just me :see_no_evil:
The stun thing has been messing with my sanding and shot counting really bad. It lasts significantly longer than the screen shake now


after Scrolling through this I am very confused.

My Base ist NOT that strong - wasn´t a problem for Noctua AT ALL to wipe my base before the update.
After update my base kills Noctua (of course depends on flier).

Then they say that it was a mistake and tower strength was rolled back (as before).

Fact is BEFORE update not a chance to kill Noctua, AFTER update I can kill it.
Either towers are screwed or Noctua nerfed…

Something is wrong nevertheless and tbh is feels AWEFUL! On the one Hand lvl60 Towers out and Obsidian Dragons.Those Towers are not having the power they are supposed to have and yet obsidian dragons die faster?

this is really confusing and honestly again a sign of how little players can trust PG. Information policy, clear Statements on what is actually THE PROBLEM and given a PLAN and TIMEFRAME what´s happening next is something I would expect from a client-oriented company.


So, after doing the digging over the weekend I was able to confirm that super-shots scale past the damage cap.

Test criteria:

All research completed
Level 55 Chimerak (no upgrades other than research)
Dark Flak Tower (no upgrades other than research)
Nothing on perches
No boosts or anything

The tower normal shot hit the cap around level 35. The super-shot continued to scale upwards as far as I leveled the tower.

Solutions for Tower Level Bug

I still don’t think the super shot does the amount of damage it says though.


Well, I was using dev tools that showed me more realistic damage numbers.


So what does that mean for us and our towers? Does that mean dark flak are working correctly up to level 55?(Not 40) Are the realistic numbers the Dev tools gave you comparable to numbers we see in game? Is the team able to do this fact checking with the other affected towers and compile the data to be used in the rebalance?

Thank you for looking into this over and above your regular duties. I know I appreciate it greatly and can inferr most of the player base appreciates it too. :blush:


I raised four towers from 55 to 60 this build and my defense numbers didn’t go up can you explain that ?


It means that PG was correct about the damage cap existing but wrong in thinking it impacted super-shots. It means we found a problem in our formula and we know we need to fix things. For you it means incoming changes to towers.

I hate to be a jerk about this, but define “correctly” here. Personally, I don’t think so.

What numbers do you see in game for a level 55 dark flak tower hitting a level 55 Chimerak with no bonuses other than research?

Yes. I’ve asked that all of the capped towers get reviewed before any rebalancing takes place.

Happy to help. Seriously. This has been nagging at me all week.


@PGJared - stun (at least from dark flak supershot) appears to be working differently, is this believed to be part of the same thing or was this intentional?


Differently how?


@PGJared I’ll tag you in my post a few up.

Specifically I noticed I’m for sure having very long periods where hunter fire is not responding. I think it is more dragons than necryx, but for sure it is with necryx. (It’s possible elemental barrier used to block stun from flak but no longer does)

I don’t know if stun duration on dark flak is a derivative of the damage done. If so, it may just be the same thing you noticed.

There is a major difference. it has not caused me to lose a war run yet, and maybe it is something that should have always been happening.


I experienced the same with Necryx yesterday (it was a war attack :roll_eyes:).