Changes to War Contribution Page

I would like to have more information in the war contribution page please. I know this may mostly be more helpful for lower league teams, but if you are in a high league team please still like and comment to help out the little guys! :heart:


  • A column for the number of wars missed (I rather not have to count all the names under the list of wars missed. Yes, that seems lazy, but this should be an easy addition. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
  • A column for DAYS of wars missed and DAYS of wars done. I think missing 5 days of wars is worse than missing one day with 5 wars in it.
  • Allow us to sort and/or filter the columns ourselves.
  • I think it would also be nice to have the number of PvP Events Done and number of PvP Events Missed. Members can accidentally participate in the minor events. I want to know who is actually doing the events on purpose lol.

Please comment with any other changes to the contribution page that you think might be helpful for everyone or just lower league teams! Thanks!


Sorry out of order. This is basically what u asked for and is already in the game.

It’s not already in the game. Those pictures do show how to get to the page I am talking about. Look at the picture below. Notice that none of the things I asked for are on the page.

Oh ok you want the date of the war and for it to show more than 20 days. Also event contributions to be shown. I get it but is it necessary? People keep track of these stuff in spreadsheets if they are serious.

It doesn’t have to be the date of the war. I just want to know the number of days. I don’t know what you mean by more than 20 days. Only showing the most recent events and wars is fine by me.

I rather not have to make a spreadsheet based on screenshots that I will constantly have to manually enter the information into after every event and war. They have this information. They should show it to us. Or at least give us a raw data sheet to make a pivot table from.

I also want to be able to sort and/or filter the columns, so it’s easier to figure out who to kick. Or if you have a training team, who to move to the advanced team and who to move down to the training team.

Btw, I used to keep track of this stuff. It was tedious and annoying. This game is supposed to be fun, not tedious and annoying. Recruiting is also tedious and annoying. I’m trying to get that fixed too. In general, I think that leaders and officers should be able to play more and do less tedious annoying stuff on a game that should be fun.

most important thing right now.


Being in a Diamond 1 team, of course you don’t need this. If you were in a lower league, you would care about this more. It would be nice if you cared about others. :woman_shrugging:t3:

it would actually be nice if the Game would work right.

After playing for over 2 years, I agree. I’ve seen lots of glitches. However, please keep in mind that the people who fix bugs, wouldn’t have anything to do with adding new content. They are two different groups of people. Preventing new stuff will not help bugs get fixed faster. What they need to do is hire a bigger bug fixing department. Maybe I’ll make a post about that. It will be so popular. :star_struck: lol

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