Changing base layout,kill island mid event

@dragonpunch is changing base layout in mid event consider as exploit/cheat?

  • changing kill island to 5 to 6, 6 to 5 vice versa (not storing capped towers for enemy’s advantage ofcourse )

The points are based off of DP now.

I doubt it matters much anymore unlike how the points were based off of player level.

What PG ultimately tried to do was to punish those who make things easier for their allies to take much less time to clear a base.

Like you’ve already mentioned, this was done by storing all towers except farms and mills.

Mostly used in Temple Raids, along with that pve exploit.

i need to hear it from PG
i dont want me and my teammates banned for this silly reason

:man_shrugging:t2: I haven’t been banned for changing my base layout during pvp as I do move around my towers often just to counter continuous hits.

So use me as your argument if you get banned for that. :rofl:

yaah i do that too. but it only takes someone’s report and :boom:

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