Changing Email address – PG runs me crazy

Because my e-mail provider no longer offers certain support services, I would like to change the e-mail address of my account to a different one.

PG requires proof of all purchases I have made. I got that from Google Pay.

But that is not enough for PG, a copy of every confirmation email is required from me.

Who has been keeping them for over 4 years without knowing whether they will ever be needed? Not me.

I was able to find 26 emails that were accepted as correct by PG. But since I was so stupid as to buy more, a total of 40 original receipts are required from me.

It is impossible and outrageous. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Does someone have the postal address of PG so I can send a urine sample to PG? Maybe a gene test too?

I feel treated like the last shit. That’s how PG destroy the fun of the game.


I changed my email once and pg only wanted 3 receipts. Which seemed fair. But every receipt ever? That’s crazy talk. Why they got to make everything so over complicated? :woman_facepalming:


Seem I was an idiot to buy so much in the past…

Punished for spending money. That will teach you to give pg more money :joy::joy::joy:


To be honest I’m so angry because of this that I think about closing my team and leaving the game.
Working on it over one week and no step forward.


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Just wondering what Info pg will ask if we never did any purchase lol ?

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Then they wont care, and just tell you no.

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They usually just want the first 3 lol

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When you started to play the game? What was your team? Then your mother’s name, pet name, cvc, …

There is also “recovery process”, where you have several circles of hell. Friend of mine has stopped playing couple of years ago, and was spending quite a lot before. When he was trying to recover - the questions were such that he hadn’t enough memory (who would after skipping 2 years?), and ended up with nothing. Had new account at that point, less than level 100. Needless to say, just stopped playing again.

:flushed: Come on now, let get realistic with this :woman_facepalming: @PGGalileo Can we get what is exactly required to make account changes, please :thinking: Have a guild member that mentioned may need to do same, but have told him to hold off until this is cleared up on how this can be done. This process should be straight across the board for everyone, not this for this individual, but then this individual needs their whole WD life story spilled out :neutral_face: Sorry, but this is ridiculous now…

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They asked me approximately when I began playing, what my old email was, what my new one was, and screenshots of receipts for 3 latest purchases. That’s it. perhaps try opening a new ticket.

I changed my email a while back and they only asked me for my three most recent receipts and the month/year I started playing. Sounds like you may have just gotten one of the special support people. When that happens I just ask them to close the ticket and then reopen it later and hope for a better one lol.

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A urine sample might be required.

Out of curiosity why does it matter? PG doesn’t even need a real email address… what does your current email provider have to do with WD account?

But that is odd, I had to change my email on one of my accounts as I had my work email attached to it and I was offered a better job so I changed it… they only asked for a few basics… odd a company that is hemorrhaging clients would get so picky. Oh well I hope PG goes out of business so whatever :joy:

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maybe this is to prevent other from buying wd account

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He is on leave

I delete my receipts to hide how much I’ve spent on the game from myself. Guess I’m going to be in a world of hurt if I ever need to change my email address. Surely an email to the email address on record for confirmation would be more of an indicator of ownership than purchase receipts


Normally PG does this cause they want to prevent players from selling accounts . I don’t understand why all the receipts seems like too much .

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There is nothing normally about anything PG does tbh.