Changing Email address – PG runs me crazy

Hi, #2144993, but it’s to late. I deleted my 50-member-platinum-team and deleted the app. I understand that PG is no longer interested in me as customer after doing a last try yesterday, without success.

Everyone here knows how hard it is to rebuild a team again with nearly 50 members.

How is it possible to delete a team? Did you mean disband?

Yes, disband. If you are the last member you delete it in fact, if you leave.

The team does not exist anymore.

But I’m not a native english speaker.

Think you know what I mean.

Did you disband the team because of your personal anger?
If you were disappointed with this game and decided to quit, you could have left the team to someone else.

PG should change the current mechanism that allows a team to be disbanded by one person.


Rumor has it you have to sacrifice a firstborn


My team, my work and my baby.

And it was writen in the team description since founding: When I leave the team it will be disband.

So everyone knows from beginning.

Some years ago I gave my old team to an officer and I can take a look day by day with pain how its lives as nearly a zombie.

Thats the reason. But everyone can choose his/her own way.

If PG wouldn’t run crazy it would further exist…

The first PVP event of the season is the most important event.
I’m sorry that your ex-teammate didn’t have enough time to find the next team. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Quitting the game because you can’t change your email address seems a bit … dramatic. You don’t actually have to check your email to play the game.


They have. That why I act yesterday before event begins.

Checked old Google Pay accounts and found older bills.

Send them to PG. Was not enough, PG asks for 40 screenshots of them…

They got the screenshot.

Do PG know the possibility to ask for samples? Now they got 66 documentary evidence.

Bet they will find a new chicane. :see_no_evil:

And they found a new chicane. Now they have approx 80 bills and ask yesterday for another 14. :face_vomiting:

Why do you still torture yourself dealing with it for weeeeeks if you’ve left the game already? :thinking:

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I said it before, made failure use an old company email and also changed my google account over the years. So i just keep my dead email cause otherwise in no way i would be able to get all recipes anymore. Also play on Ipad at home so purchased packs with a total of 3 differend registered accounts on my name. Pg could easy check things and see that location IP etc where same, but they will put u into ban account mode. It shouldnt requiere someone send all recipes of like 4 years thats just wrong. @PGGalileo there are several reasons people need change email accounts during some years, why people will get handled like a thief?