Changing Owner of a Group Chat

I looked for this topic and there isn’t one that directly addresses this, but I may have missed it.
Many teams have a RSS Group Chat and a War Group Chat and whatever else. Many times the creator of these group chats lose interest in running them (adding and removing players) or they are already running numerous group chats and get annoyed. This could easily be fixed by giving the ownership of the chat to someone else, but this STILL isn’t an option.

Should I hope for this to be added/changed or should I just deal with the way it has been for years?


I’m surprised this didn’t get more of a reaction :scream:

It would be nice, but AFAIK the only way to change onwnership is to kick everyone from the chat and start a new one. Had this happen when our RSS and WAR chat leader left a team, had them boot everyone and another officer had to start a new chat.

It would be super nice if there was a way to have maybe 2 people in charge of the chat, or a way to pass the torch.

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I’ve wanted this for a very long time. It should get a bigger reaction!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This might be one of those suggestions where people have just somewhat given up on it, though we are seeing cross-platform testing, so there’s hope? :smiley:

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