Changing seasonal divines

I’ve been playing now for a little over a year and so far I’ve seen something that’s kinda irked me. Changing seasonal dragon spells AFTER they have been released. Ex: Sage, Neptus, Abraxxas, kinnarus. NOW, don’t get me wrong, some of these were much needed improvements but SOME were nerds that went too far. Sage for example went from blue thunderstorm to white thunderstorm BUT, the damage was nerfed so badly he now struggles immensely to defeat bases many other dragons can easily handle and for no good reason. Dragons like Abraxxas and Neptus had some of their spells changed to white and had the damage buffed which was great! It made them wonderful dragons while still not being op.

The thing I’m trying to say here, is that the three divines that are out so far seem great and FOR ONCE they are ALL useful cough cough… Gladicus was horrible.
Please PG. don’t change the spell sets of the current dragons. Please don’t. They’re wonderful dragons and don’t need changes. Thanks.

P.S. Please half nerf dark flak.

Did you just call divine dragons “nerds!?” Not nice.

P.S. PG please DO NOT “half nerf” dark flaks. What does that even mean???


Guessing you have a bad flak(or multiple?). We already saw what something like this does.

Nononononono we don’t want dark tower changed if anything make it :star_struck:stronger :rage: not weaker


Spells are changed for the sake of balance. Sage’s thunderstorm was changed because players cried for it to be a white spell when they did the restructure and changed all attack spells to red. The balance was for them to decrease the power of TB to offset it no longer being regulated by a mage tower. The alternative was full power but being a red spell.

Also Neptus wasnt released yet when his spell was changed to white

Most seasonals are designed to become irrelevant in the future as new tiers are release and things are changed about the game.

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They can feel free to make changes to Gargula, though. Don’t really care what those changes are

They never should have touched that spell lol

It made no sense for it to be blue though. They wanted more consistancy. Sage had his day in the sun. As changes are made some older things will be hit negatively. He’s still better than that dumpster fire they named Gladicus.

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It means take the nerf they TRIED to do to them, cut that in half, so it’s not absimal, and do THAT for a nerf. Because dark flak changed the entire game with base layouts and literally gave this game a ‘meta’ which it didn’t have before dark flaks.

I’m pretty positive Neptus was out when his tidal surge was red. I know they at least showed him with it being red, but either way, why balance dragons if they don’t break the game? You don’t need to. Some dragons SHOULD have something away from the norm and shouldn’t be punished if a change to 1 spell ruins their kit because it directly affected them.

And old divines shouldn’t just become ‘obsolete’. That means you’re making spells too strong because the old ones are literally no good. A dragon should only become obsolete when they get level capped and are no longer dealing enough damage. THAT is when they should be rendered ‘obsolete’.

Just wondering are you concerned about something in particular being changed?

Neptus would be a marginal dragon at best if his spell was red. As for the flaks, keep them as is. Imo while they are quite strong and as an attacker I would prefer them to be a little less powerful, I think as a whole they are perfectly balanced for what they are. As much as I’d like them to cause less damage to my dragons, I would rather them be what they are to defend my base. Right now they are worth what they cost…if you nerf them at all they will only be a good tower…not a great tower.

Don’t worry they went ahead and nerfed the Spring’s Renewal spell on Aibrean. It’s just the way this game is ran. Get used to it, get out of the way, or get ran over.

Nerfing flak again is a terrible idea. Plenty of dragons have DF resist, enough that you can’t just use that 1 tower. Not hard to get past them.

O yeah, and there’s the whole learn to fly better thing too…

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I think nerfing DF was a joke (at least that’s the way I read it)

I’d like to think so… but then again there’s people asking for more feeding events, universal evo stones, and today someone suggested changing perch islands… so you never know…

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Im 100% positive Neptus wasnt out yet. They gave us previews of him with a red spell but in the video they gave us he had a white spell. Players were mad and so PG decided to change his spell to white before he was released. He was released a week late on the 10th. Crisis made the announcement on the 10th before the event went live. They balance for various reasons. Either consistancy, something not working as well as it was intended (hint hint PG on Aibrean’s healing spell), or several other reasons.

In the case of Sage it was because Thunderstorm had been a blue spell instead of red. They wanted all offensive spells to be red and all defensive spells to be blue. People were upset because of the difference of how red mage towers worked vs blue mages. As a red spell it would have meant that sage’s red thunderstorm would have bounced off of the red mages’ shield until the mage was destoryed. As a white spell at full power thunderstorm would have been rediculous.

There are A LOT of things that should and should not about this game. Mega coins shouldnt even exist. We could “should” ourselves until we all dropped dead. It’s designed that way so that people will go after the new, shiny dragons each season. If dragons from last year would still be as relevant now as they were when they were released then fewer people would be spending cash to get the latest toys. It’s the same as electronics, nothing is designed to last anymore.

LMAO and yet we can’t get a comment from PG about making token missions scale with level, but I’m sure they will be all over making the perches all flowery and shit for spring.

Hahaha… flowery perches…lol.

Honestly, the only thing funnier is when they make things all dark and bloody and go for the sinister look. I love my Necryx, but with the dripping blood it’s super cheesy.

Nah they had a follow-up comment about it, not a joke