Changing Team Quest

Can Team Quest tasks please be changed??

Using precious resources is something that many players don’t want to do. Having to use 400 Supershots is a bit ridiculous as well. PG said they would make necessary changes to improve the Quest. So I was hoping to put together a post of ideas we could give PG to help make the Quest better for us. If you have any ideas please add them to this post.

My idea would be anything that doesn’t use many resources. Even attacking 75 or more bases is ridiculous as you spend heals. Maybe we can do more simple tasks such as talking in chats, opening an amount of Bronze Chest, looting for food and wood, or even earning a certain amount of resources from attacks, for example, earn 5- 1 minute speedups.

Any opinions would be great. Hopefully PG will review. Thanks in advance for your input.:grinning:

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I want to make it a bit different than egg mission. Egg mission is basically grinding on a smaller scale
if this is only in event then make these quest relate to event attack


That’s a great idea!!! I didn’t think of those!! :grimacing::+1:t4:

Quests need to be toned down! It gives you 24 hours to do them so they need to be something that doesn’t take hours and hours especially for the chests that do not even give you much!
Your wasting more items/resources completing them then you are getting back!

Quest chests 1-6 should be basic quests and they should give better prizes but not great obviously!

Quests like…

  • Use 10 Sorcerers
  • Follow 10 teammates in battle
  • Attack 20 bases & Complete 100% against your level or higher
  • use 40 supershots
    I don’t even mind the Gunpowder or Armor defensive quests! (just not wasting hammers) And the # should be like 25-50

The last 4 chests 7-10 should be harder and more
Time consuming but the prizes should be A LOT BETTER prizes!

Because you only have a limited amount of time to complete them & the last ones will be harder & time
Consuming and at least then if the first 6 chests were better and last 4 good chests then it would at least be beneficial! Not like they are now! You can complete all them, get all 10 chests & for the time, effort and resources spent you are not even close to being rewarded appropriately!
As they are right now it’s a complete waste of time! The prizes should be 10x what they are now!



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I especially DO NOT like wasting heals, I get 320 egg tokens to do my elite mission, and at times only need 6 bases to complete. What is the justification for getting players to waste 80 heals to complete bases? And then the rewards from these team chests don’t even compare in significance to the amount of resources we have to waste, I’m done wasting my heals thank you!! I guess the joke is on me because I’ve already used a couple hundred. 80 bases, really??? You guys can do much better!

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