Changing teams event already started

event just started if I change team right now will I be ineligible for team prize?

You will ineligible for the entire event. Eveything including personal points.


@Grumpybigbird is correct. Please wait until after team prizes for the event are distributed on Monday evening before changing teams :hugs:

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someone on the team is saying as long as you dont do any quests before you jump your fine. But not sur if that is accurate.

so some left and they could not accept quests or team prizes. if they come back would they be eligible?

If you are going to quit and rejoin on the same team, I suggest you do the team quest first at least one of them

This secures your position in the team and no matter how many times you leave your team, you will not become ineligible.

If not and you are joining on a new team, DONT DO ANYTHING. Just join the new team and start doing team quest (check contribution first to see if there are still slots available)

However, if we are talking about Atlas, you will not be able to:

  1. Receive infrastructure bonus
  2. Tribute wont be given (due to #1)
  3. Contribution towards atlas event is disabled until the next event and only personal points is gained

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