Changing/Unequipping Runes on Dragons

Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to the game, level 34. I got Leos and also got his “Epic Rune of Pride” which increases HP by x%. I messed up and assumed since it wasn’t for a particular spell (ex healing mark) that it would apply to any dragon. The more I ask around the more I am learning that this only applies to Leos and I applied it to Spindra in hopes that it would work like rage regeneration in that it sounds General.

What I don’t understand is why you can’t unquip or change Runes on dragons by spending rubies but you can do this with building Runes by using rubies. When I pull up Spindra it only gives me the option to salvage the Rune but with building Runes there is the option to change it with the cost of rubies.

If there is no option to change it and it doesn’t work for other dragons then I have to salvage it and there is no other way to get that Rune again.

Any advice? Thanks!

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There’s no option to change runes once they’re attached to dragons. That being said, the pride runes work on any dragon, just like rage and wisdom do.
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