Changing war time

Hello. Day by day players from Europe arrive but for us war’s start time is nearly impossible. For people whose have their day shift, starting at between 1 and 4 am for us it usually does not end well. Thank you for your attention. Matthew

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This is so true… PG should look into it…

Wars start at a reasonable time. You have 24 hours to participate. The fact that wars occur for 24 straight hours gives you ample time to do your part.


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But they start at 9am/11am here depending daylight savings… you want them to change start time, I don’t!

It would be nicer if the start time of the war would be based on the declaration of war. Something like " Start time 2 hours after declaration of war".


You call 3/4am reasonable?

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if they change to suit your time zone, then it’ll be between 1 and 4 am for some other time zone.

so… :thinking:

i’d rather suggest changing how the war works rather than this merrygoround

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That must be because they stay up late then. I am in Europe and wars starts at 2 am for me, so not that great.