Chaos Runes not working?

I generally want to know how many people notice or believe that chaos runes and glyphs don’t work. If enough people are experiencing an issue, it should prompt pg to look into it

Someone can tag the appropriate staff to keep an eye on this if they know who are the right people

  • My chaos runes work just fine
  • I have noticed no increase in attack and I don’t think the runes work

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Poll didn’t work

Damn forum lol… let’s see if I can fix this

It’s fixed, but I have no runes for it so can’t vote lol

I dont think the Spring Revival Runes work either…

They’re confirmed to be buggy so just sit tight and let them patch it later

They have had a year to fix them… didn’t work on Fae either if I remember correctly.

@PGJared @PGMichael

I know there’s a lot of tickets because of the rollback issues, but are you guys aware of the rune issues? Are there investigations and efforts being made to fix them? Heal mark and galv were fixed with a quickness, and once more people have this divine, you’ll have the same level of complaints pouring in… I would just like to know if this is being worked on as well

any answer from official site yet?

I did a quick run on invader. 340k damage per shot normally and 770k damage shot with chaos. I have 108% chaos damage in runes which should bring the total chaos damage to 308%. Unless I am wrong the chaos damage should be giving me over 1mil per shot? Therefore runes not working properly

Pg has chimed in a few times acknowledging that the runes are broken

I have noticed no increase in Health renewal nor Chaos and I have 1 Leg & 1 Mythic rune/glyph for each spell so there should be a noticeable difference. The renewal spell isn’t giving much health at all, however, the 2 Rage increase does work

I agree WD peps the runes don’t work and need to be fixed

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