Chaos runes working after 4.16, does not account for research, rider or boost bonuses

This deserves its own thread. @PGEggToken @PGCrisis @pgjared when will chaos runes be really fixed? They’re still not working.

Edit working now. Tested. See post 31

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As soon as Aibrean is no longer significant… so whenever next tier is released.


Which dragon are you using chaos rune on?


How do you know they are not working? Did you test it? If so I want to see the test.

I did some tests and my numbers seemed inconsistent: unfortunately i didn’t test yesterday for a comparison. i have one mythic rune (+70%) equipped. Does anyone know exactly how this is all calculated?


standard hit was 1.73 million damage
chaos hit was 4.91 million. (about 2.8X the damage)

standard hit was 2.08 million
chaos hit was 5.26 million… (about 2.5X the damage)

I guess i could add another legendary Chaos to make sure they are working… i just dont want to equip another rune that isn’t working…

i hope they will never fix. Delete all Chaos runes and the problem is solved :slight_smile:

Just trolling? or do you actually feel that way?

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I was under the impression a fix for Aibrean’s Chaos runes would be live with this update. I am going to follow up with the team.


mine work fine now. BUT it took them a few hours after the update to work.

ya i have a feeling they are working too. I’ll play around later to confirm by adding another one.

I have +50%legendary and +36% Epic runes
My numbers are unboosted
453k and 1385k = x3.05
And boosted
551k and 1483k = x2.69

Both cases are more than 200% dmg under chaos, which makes me think the runes are working.

My alt acc has an unruned Aibrean
17k and 46.4k = x2.73
And boosted
21.5k and 50.9k = x2.37


  1. I don’t get the math behind why it is not just 200% when it says 200%
  2. The runes are not working I guess

naaaah, delete it :slight_smile: aka problem solved :slight_smile:

People (not me) would complain though. They don’t want to lose a mythic rune even though it doesn’t work. They want PG to fix it

Ya that’s why I asked how it is suppose to work. I know the Epic renewal really only adds 1% health gain but it’s better than nothing so I don’t want to remove it if Chaos isn’t working.

Pre rune equip, I double tap a level 45 tower to kill it. After equipping 2 chaos runes to give +120% to damage boost, I still double tap a level 45 tower to kill it. Damage of first tap remains the same as before rune equipped.

Edit: damage numbers. Without chaos 354,934. With chaos and +120% from runes 1,190,073

I attacked an XP base with a level 1 legendary chaos rune and glyph (68%) = 6 hits on a fire turret
upgraded them to expert (100% increase) = 5 hits on fire turret.

Player I attacked is SaLangHeyYoooo using my level 18 Aibrean with +30% ATK/HP Boost.

Don’t have another chaos rune to do another test >.<

Number of taps can be misleading.
A drag who deals 100 dmg per shot and a dragon who deals 199 dmg per shot will both take 2 shots to kill a tower with 200 hp.
Best to look at damage per shot.

the hp damage from the bar was large enough for it to become 6 hits.

the damage was most likely around 17~18% and then increased to more than 20% hp damage.

So more like 1000 HP, I was dealing around 170 damage and then when I upgraded it, it did 200+ damage

Turn on floating dmg numbers in settings, then theres no need to guess :+1:t2: