Charged Shield Rune.. What is it?


And which dragon(s) is it compatible with?


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There, I hope I got enough of the PG crew to get this started for ya


If I’m not wrong it’s old name of Sage shield.


Thanks Guys! Sure would be nice to get some runes that are actually compatible with the dragons :man_facepalming:


The old name of sage’s shield was just explosive shield…


Sage’s original name of the spell was “Charged Shield” when it was released on the old War Dragons forums as you can see here:

@PGJared can confirm if a charged shield rune works on anything anymore. @MrBeen16 did this rune drop for you in a chest?

Runic Chests and Rotating Contents: December ‘17

Thanks (again!) guys. Red- one of my teammates received it in a drop


I would 100% have them mail support and demand compensation.


Done! And thanks per usual!


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