Chart of sigil costs down the line

I apologize, I know it’s here somewhere but can’t for the life of me find it. At the risk of getting some Grumpy rolled eyes at me, does anyone know where that spreadsheet is of the total cost to reach each stone? I apologize to the creator of this, pretty sure I know who made it but don’t want to accidentally give credit to the wrong person. Sorry again as I know that somewhere on the forums this is posted as a link.

Edit - Meant to put this in the Strategy and Guides category. I’m committing all sorts of sins

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@mechengg Post it, gogo

This season’s is mech’s, hehe


Thanks, that’s exactly who I thought made it.

Hey that sounds awesome if @mechengg could post i would love to see it aswell


Sorry I had to :joy::joy::joy:


Was counting on it lol :rofl:


Awesome man, thanks a lot!

Tbh I wouldn’t have cos this isnt one of those hey everyone I just got here literally 1min and I couldn’t be assed doing any research type post…

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No worries.

Keep in mind it’s very slightly different for the sale dragon, and it’s slightly different prizes for the Grogg line.

I appreciate it sir, trying to figure out best way to spent my sigils to close the season that I already wasted lol.

Well sir I appreciate that too lol

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Thanks man

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