Chat bouncing indefinitely (android swiftkey)



I know, already discussed. But i’ve searched and found nothing about in recent times.
I’m starting to get mad! Everytime i try to write something the chat often starts to bounce from few second to eternity.
Please fix Asap or tell me if you know some other keyboard… with a similar layout. I really don’t want to change my whole phone board only for this bug, better if it can be fixed.


my favorite is when you try to send resources and it bounces to the wrong person…


I only recently started having this issue as I got a new phone and my old one didn’t have this problem (probably because it didn’t use swiftkey keyboard).
It is really insane. Sometimes it does that for just a few seconds but other times it seems to go on forever and it causes me a headache.
Absolutely terrible.


I have had this problem forever on my A10 tablet, and I’ve never used swiftkey, just the standard google gboard. And I agree it’s infuriating.


This issue has caused me to take steps back because of an inability to type and communicate.


Does anyone know what the best boards are for this game?


Generic default keyboard should work fine. I would just change it when typing in game then switch it back after. Pretty easy with Android.


No help there, the stock android keyboard does the crazy bounce as well on Samsung


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