Chat Bug w/ Update

Had anyone else started getting the chat bug where nobody can see what you type?

When I reboot the messages have disappeared and occasionally I get a pop up that says failed to send message.

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Yes. Many people are having issues with this. Support just said it’s a known issue

Yes, once you get the bug you also won’t be able to join attack or defence banners… it seems that once you have it you also don’t generate attack banners if you hit someone.

I haven’t had this issue. In fact, I had the “failed to send message” pop up trigger during a run, with back up…

In my experience once you get the failed to send message the game has decided you are no longer connected and will block other users interacting with you.

That may not be the same for everyone but is true for a decent number of people I know.

Yes me to, thought I was going crazy lol

1 whole weeks with this bug hanging eversince the update. Yeah it was fun to do megas with no backers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

This will be a real issue for war…especially since the notification is so delayed you don’t even know there’s an issue for several mins

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