Chat during defense

Now you can join your team mate’s run and communicate with them during their run. They can do the same when it’s your turn.

It’ll be great to have the same capabilities on defense.

It’ll be greater to be able to toggle or separate chat where all (attackers and defenders) can communicate.


I have wondered the same thing before and asked myself “if I am defending properly, when would I have the time to type a message to someone else?”. So far I have not really made an answer to that question that makes enough sense for this chat to seem truly necessary.

Sure, if a base has an anchor, you have time prior to the dragon engaging towers to coordinate first few supershots. After that you should be dropping hammers so fast that typing is not possible. Seems more feasible to have a general defense strategy worked out in your team so you know what to prioritise and cycle. You can’t stack supershot loads so if you go to hit the Ice Flak and can’t cast, you know the other teammate has and you can load another tower or wait to cycle the next IF supershot. Defenders are active parties and all active parties in the defense cannot actively chat.

Only one person can fly at a time so those who aren’t are passive participants at that time; therefore, they have more time to send small notes to the flier making them have a more active role. I don’t think this is a large advantage as you cannot see loaded supershots earlier and the skill of the flier is still the critical element to pulling off the flight.

As for seeing both chats. I’m not for this for the same reason we cannot see eachother’s team chats. This is a strategy game and a team’s comm lines should remain restricted to them to preserve that element of strategy.


That would be great!

Even being able to chat while attacking in order to coordinate with your companion some strategy. Or just chat and entertain on the long bases until you reach the killer island :crazy_face:

Same sentiment here!

If you’re gonna defend / attack, plan it out with tag mates ahead / before NOT during the actual runs.

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If you are under attack in Atlas, Are you going to plan the estrategy before the attack? I dont think so :sweat_smile:
You are going to attack as well and if you can talk while the attack is, better for you. The same with defenses.

It’s called ANTICIPATING! The fact that you’re in Atlas, or even in regular phasing of the game, or in War Dragons in general, you don’t expect you won’t get hit every single time. Apparently part of PLANning ahead is fixing your base! What’s the sense of coordinating your strategy thru chat DURING an actual defense when the base/s to begin with that you’re trying to defend is (too) weak? You’d only waste rss & effort & time!

Likewise, if you’re attacking somebody else’s base you also PLAN that ahead by checking on the target base, from tower alignments to who’s online for possible defense, etc, & you share that with tag mates! It’s not as if you’d ONLY tell your tag mates to kill those mages or orerys DURING an actual attack! Of course you gonna have to coordinate that first, who’s in charge of which, BEFORE launching an attack.

Am alternative to active chat for defense I’ve thought about is a kind of “notes” that a player sets for defending their base so you don’t have to try to figure it out on the fly so much. Players could mark certain islands with “kill”, “mage drain”, etc and specific towers to prioritize for ss with indicators to make defense strategies more immediately apparent.

Only acceptable comm during defense, IMO, is ping (Apply / Don’t apply SS here!) and quit (Leave now! This base is undefendable!)


There is so little time to actually defend, let alone chat during defence


Not to mention the chat would most likely turn into trash talking. Which isn’t really useful.

Something to do while waiting for the lag to resolve.

I would use the feature if it existed. For example: I boost on 4, you boost on 5. Doesn’t take long to type, but saves rss. You can’t plan ahead most of the time, because you don’t know who’s going to jump on what attacks for defense.


How do you imagine that working, planning defense? Am I going to have a session with each of the 49 team mates that could be my co defenders, then go through all 50 bases and decide who focuses on what parts for every conceivable combination of dragons attacking?

Or maybe would it be more convenient to be able to say “I’ll drop swords” or “don’t ss lightnings” or other small things like that and not spend a few hundred hours doing so in advance?