Chat freezing issue not solved

Hey people, I’ve started a topic like this before and i was dismissed by Kardul and told to “think smart” who then redirected me to another topic which didn’t tell me how I could solve solve this. So here I am again.

My chat keeps freezing, ive dome everything PG told me to do, deleted, reconnected to WiFi, hell I’ve even bought a new iPad. Yet I still have to restart inbetween runs, mid convo so that I can see my chats.

Please help, this is really frustrating now!

Hey don’t get me wrong. This wasn’t a dismissal, it was a redirection to a thread with similar content, so people facing your problem can also find other members sharing the same issue and possibly find a solution. Nothing worked for you and it’s sad, but be patient we are still in Holiday period and PG is working on reduced staff.

In a couple days it should be back to its usual activity and you can possibly find a solution from an employee. Your best bet is to wait until one of them check the link I provided you in your previous thread and possibly, if it wasn’t already done, tag several employees like PGEggtoken or PGJared to see if they can look into your problem.

I’ll check your old thread to see what I can advice you in the simplest, most basics way hoping to find a solution for you… Sorry if I seemed blunt the last time, I apologize.

Which iPad? The ones released last year or older?

There’s been an update to Apple throttling phone performance; it’s odd that it’s happening on the tablet, though. If chat is the only issue, do you have a firewall or strange router configurations?

What type of advice did the support told you?

I’m on Android so I can’t help you much with iOS problems, but I faced a lot of lags lately and I uninstalled (with Pocket ID) my game, emptied my cache, shut off my phone then reinstalled the game all fresh… And faced even worse lags! But this was because my game was installed on my SD card instead of the internal storage which is definitely faster. This was solved by moving the game from SD card to internal storage and my game has never been smoother since a long time.

I think iOS don’t come with card slots but I wanted to share this, at least the part of uninstalling and deleting the cache, so some problems may be solved… I can’t help much more unfortunately.

iPad mini 4 I think.

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