Chat freezing yet AGAIN

@PGJared @PGCrisis
Can you guys look into the chat freezing issue I’ve posted about lots but nobody has ever gotten back to me about? It makes the game so much less fun because it’s on all of my accounts.
I really need help with this…

Mine froze about the same time when they had some server connection issues. Should be fixed, right?

Nope. It freezes randomly and doesn’t unfreeze for a long time

What device are you using? My 6 plus became almost unplayable when I accidentally “upgraded” iOS. It slows the device down so much it locked constantly.

This game obviously uses a LOT of device resources to function.

iPad mini something lol. Was the newest last christmas

You have to buy a new device every month.


Wouldn’t put it past PG to suggest that lollll

Hot Coffee. That will thaw out a frozen chat.


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