Chat issues and suggestions

I have a few small annoying things with chat I’d like to point out:

  1. We can only type so many characters while writing a message, this can be annoying and make you split your thought into 2 ‘texts’ which bothers me because I tend to write a lot. I really wish that we could have more characters to type with.
    2)In the small chat box at the bottle of the main screen when it shows messages from 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc hours ago instead of the most resent ones. This bothers me because if someone in your team needs rss or xp runs and you don’t know then you can’t help. For me, I tend not to look at chat unless someone needs something. Idk if this is just me or if anyone else has the same issue but it is very annoying, please fix PG.
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More characters would definitely be useful. Not too many though, to prevent spam. The second thing there affects me, too; I think it’s a glitch. Inconvenient :confused:

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That glitch with the minimized chat not showing the most recent comments has been driving me NUTS for like 6 months, maybe more.

I like the idea of more characters. I was playing another MMO app where they had this feature. It was nice.

That MMO app also had it where the only comments you could see in the minimized chat were from the last chat room you were in before minimizing it. I’ve heard some players say that they only care about TC and don’t want to see LC in their minimized chat. I personally like to be able to see if someone is talking in another chat as well though. So maybe they could create a setting where you can choose to only have TC show in the minimized chat? :woman_shrugging:t3:

I wish you wouldn’t see what enemies are doing in the chat window during an attack. Cuz you can’t read what allies type. Plus it already says up top about repairs and shields


I agree 100% :+1:

I have that glitch too. Fun times :joy::sob::sob::sob:

Being able to turn off LC should be a basic option for things like parental guidance, or personal pref.
Options like this might be nice:
Auto = what we have now
Manual = manually hit the lc or tc tab and it sticks (group and team still auto when on team)
Off = no LC

A few more characters would be nice though.


There should be two chat windows maybe, one for allies comments, one for defenders actions. I also have thought this was a problem…

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While we’re at it, I wish pg would separate the transfer log from team chat tab too. There are few times I cant find the supposed mention because it got buried. :joy:

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