Chat Organization

Was wondering if it would be possible to implement a organization feature into the game to organize group chats? A simple drag and drop, or maybe in chats there’s a setting with numbers from 0 to whatever your last chat is, and you can order them by number. Im just so tired of losing track of my chats, I have way too many but I think everyone could benefit from this. Please add on additional ideas if you have any!


I mean, you could name them in increasing number order. It wouldn’t appear that way, but if you’re someone who reads the titles of your chats (Not me), it should be okay. :man_shrugging:t2:

I too, would love this.

i’d love to have the feature especially if they can fix more pressing ones as apparently they don’t have enough manpower to fix everything.

Need a chat feature while you are defending too and in event page


Hm, yeah I totally agree! I’ve gotten stuck doing event attacks for hours at a time, if I could somehow see chat between my attacks, or just to see if I was mentioned it would be a lifesaver!

How so?

I had a old leader try that, I wasn’t too thrilled lol. I think I have over ten chats, four mains for my team, one for leadership, and they get lost and mingled with friend chats. Though I do wish we could use this to order them…

My team honestly has a lot of drama, or just needs me at random times. I’ve bought hundreds of energy at a time and won’t check chat for a while because my phone was always so slow loading the event page. Because of this, I missed a lot of things. So if I could somehow see chat or just chat mentions, it would help avoid those issues.

Group chat are a mess. Everytime I log on the order changes.
I would love if they were either alphabetized or according to most used and not change.

Lol baby