Chat problems with keyboard

NXN8AVB722 support id.

I’m having an issue where whenever I try to chat my keyboard goes nutso and keeps opening and closing making it impossible to chat anywhere. I’m able to send messages to people, just no chat. I’ve tried uninstalling. Please help.

Mine does too on Galaxy device.

my galaxy tab used to do it, luckily not anymore. I just restarted the game and it behaved for some time…

Hallelujah! Thanks.

Already tried that :disappointed_relieved:

My galaxy tab does the same thing, pretty annoying for sure

Galaxy Note, same thing. Not all the time just some but a pain in the rump

hello, I had the same problem with the keyboard SwiftKey … by downloading the keyboard Google, this problem is gone … if it can help😁

It’s a SwiftKey problem. Change keyboard to generic device keyboard and you’ll be fine.

Not true, I use the stock Google gboard and have the same issue.

I started a thread on the old forum almost a year ago to bring attention to this issue. Still hasn’t been fixed as of today and that thread was completely ignored by PG. I believe it was also deleted by some unknown moderator towards the end of the forum life.

That fixed it!!! Thank you.

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i have the same problem using SwiftKey . Im using a P10 Lite Huawei

@Skitiryx u mean Gboard ??

hello, yes I meant the Gboard … ,This problem has been solved, personally :blush: I have a Huawei too

I use Gboard and have been for a long time. There are some times that it will be ok for a while but then it’ll start back again. All keyboards still plagued on Galaxy S8.

Glad it helped. You can mark my post as solution then get @moderators to close this thread - that way anyone searching can see for themselves.

Happy flying!


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