Chats missing unable to do normal or atlas attacks

For both of my android devices I can no longer see chats or perform regular attacks or atlas attacks.

Tried on wifi and mobile phone network.

I deleted the game on my older device and reinstalled no joy either.

Just wondering if any other droid users having the same issue and if they have a solution?

( a couple of my iOS friends are not having any issues)



Weird cuz I have the same issues. But issues are happening on iPad and not Android phone. So weird.

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I get the UNABLE TO JOIN BATTLE dialog box with a message stating that 'This might be because of a poor connection on my android phone too.

Restarted, tried Atlas and normal attacks

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Problems with chat after update same issue

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Hmm my frames had issues at first and now chats are broken for most people?

Hi @moderators can you kindly merge my thread into this one

Looks like we both made similar time but I was beaten by 2m :stuck_out_tongue:


Woahhh someone being mature about a dupe thread? No way.


Game is almost completely unplayable. :frowning:

I feel like I don’t belong?? My game works perfectly fine. :relieved:


Hi @PGGalileo I know in the past changing old code seemed to break parts of the game.

Any chance your devs can see if the rider patch for old rider revisions has caused this issue where chats are gone and attacks can no longer be performed on many different device types?

Some players no issue - others have lots of issues.

Perhaps the testing for this new feature didn’t cover a wide enough spectrum of devices?

@DragonPunch you guys broke the game! :persevere:

Me too

Good for us! Lolss hopefully it is not because it just hasn’t reach us yet! :laughing:

Ikr!!! Most of my team can’t see chats or attack lol

Yup. I’m still yet to check with the rest of my team since we just started some wars! Lolss gosh good luck on that! :laughing:

Same here all our team mates are facing this issue, please do something about it @PGGalileo @PGTimber @PGNines

Hey all, sorry about this! The team has been aware of this and they’re currently looking into it. Please refer to this thread for updates.