CHEAT/HACK Kelvin's Flux Issue


This is impossible to defend.

Or maybe I am the only one that don’t know how to defend from this attack.
Please advice.

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Did that spell flux just destroy the whole fucking base?!

EDIT: @pgCampusLifer holy cheater alert holy cheater alert! Jfc


New tactics. . .


:rofl:Thats what Rhyo’s Nova wants to be when it evolves into Supernova.


I think he found the “i win” button :exploding_head:


You’re doing nothing wrong to know you can’t defend against that. The attacker is very much cheating.


Now that ain’t no visual glitch… :joy:


This player was on MonstersDesert at the time this happened, part of the group with NoMercyOrder and RoyalRoad that declares together. If these teams are going to support and use blatant hacking/glitches in order to try and win, there has to be a more substantial consequence/stance taken. Even if you swap him out later, the damage is done. Personally, I dont want to and wont play the game of who can bring on more hackers and try and swap before they get banned or after they get banned. That is going to pretty much tank the game. I thought we moved on from this after Donnie, Fallen (Castix), Venom, Mamba, Cody (Props, honorable mention) but clearly its the same old shit on another day.

Additionally, his base you were unable to get flames on, the same effect happened when our team fought them, happening more than once seems to be the start of a trend.


This was the general response. So, it gives you an idea of what kind of player these teams use.

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“The admin can’t pan me” should become a Dragon meme lol



I do stupid things.

I was too lazy to find a pots and pans pan to use.


I think I just created monsters :no_mouth: That can’t be bad aight?


I’m on phone. Can’t do better :joy:


If you look at the YouTube channel it shows more videos of the same thing. Even the leader of the team swaps out for the hacker to finish the base…


The NoRoyalDesert way I see…I expect more of this is coming lol


Cheating is no fun, and disgust players who uses cheats from the actual game early. I’d rather earn something than hack a game to obtain it without effort.

Triumph without peril brings no glory.


All of guys of Mosterdesert should be banned!:man_shrugging:
PG has to punish them.
They really underestimate this game and use badly vulnerability of game systems.


I think the idea of a team being reset if too many cheating issues were found as a possible measure to deter things like this got brought up once before


Then PG’s revenue stream would dry up

ba dum tish