Cheaters, Bots, API’s

PG, for the love of all good things, PLEASE SHUT THEM ALL DOWN.

It’s insanity that we even have to ask for fair gameplay.



So…what exactly are you asking for? PG is providing their own API now so…maybe be more specific in your post?


This entire post is a bit confusing…

Cheating…yes, PG needs to do more. A lot more. I would say the effort at both reducing it from a backend to the punishment needed to deter it, both are barely existent.

Bots…is that not what the API is designed to do? It is meant to standardize the functions and limitations of third party dev interaction. Is that not part of addressing bots?

When you say fair gameplay, what exactly does that mean to you though? I think a lot of different people have a lot of different ideas of what that means though. It is almost impossible to close down people’s ability to extract data and learning how to and the best use of that data is something technically anyone can do? So…does that not make it “fair” in a sense. People always could, they just had to chose to do so or not.

Granted, PG has been horrible with their own definitions of things and been so vague that it is almost impossible to know where they draw their own lines, but this literally just yells something with almost no seeming comprehension or definition either though…


No, that’s ok. I don’t have that kind of time like you do. PG knows what I’m talking about. As do you. :wink:

Right…so when faced with the fact you do not understand the terminology of your own post…you avoid and give out further vague statements that really say nothing. Oh, and an emoji. Because adding that suddenly makes any of it a comprehensive or coherent thought. I am going to say you basically threw words together that you have little to no understanding of.

You had time to post things…but no time to make a simple definition…interesting.


Ok. So how exactly should that be done? Because there isn’t a switch that gets turns all that off.

Yes pg should do more. They need to get a handle on cheats and they have massively dropped the ball on this for years with very little excuse to it. But just saying effectively “fix them now” doesn’t help. What exactly have you seen? What exactly are the things that are causing problems? Because saying cheats with no details is like saying food without saying what type.

Same with the FairPlay. What’s fair to one isn’t fair to another.

What exactly is fairness to you? How would you make the game fair? Give some ideas of how to fix the problem

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I don’t have a bot and I’m too dumb to do anything with the API. I don’t think it’s unfair that others have these things. They have worked hard and used their personal time and money to make this stuff work. I think that’s awesome.


Maybe he hates discobot.


Tbf does anyone like disco?


Please edit this into the first post in your thread. It is both the most surprising claim you have made, and the one most relevant to a viewer’s decision on whether to keep reading.


Sometimes it just comes out that way based on things people say, or when they try to use words they dont know what they mean I guess:

I still do not think you know what API means…

Does standardizing them not make sense? If not, they can still try to “shut them down” but realistically it is not as easy as you say it is.

I think you also dont really know what trolling is. You keep saying things with terminology you do not understand. Which calls into question the entire thing. If I make a post called “Why whales are the best fish”, would someone telling me they are not fish be trolling?

You say things that literally make no sense, and then when it comes up you either evade the question or you try to make it into a irrelevant personal attack to draw attention away from the lack of knowledge or substance but I mean you also do what you gotta do.

And you keep saying things like “PG knows” or “you know”. Legitimately, people do not actually know what is it you are saying…


Wow. Indeed vague and adds no value to the potentially important discussion.

How s bots and API a bad thing? In real life if you had lands and castles like atlas wouldn’t your first priority be getting information on alliances, enemy power etc? The fact that someone can do it, and others can’t works the same in the game as in real life. Want to be ahead of everyone, skill up!
Equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome!
And equality of opportunity means cheating should be stopped for sure. But if you have no facts or proof or suggestions you can present to PG, what’s the point of this post?
To get the crowd worked up?


Hm IDK what Panda is saying at least makes sense. @PandaWasHere will you be my friend? :grimacing:

^ this @EIGatoGrande


He wasn’t. He’s asking real questions everyone else here is asking.
Definition of Condescending: having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.

Where is the superiority? Or are you that sensitive that questioning a very confusing and unhelpful post in a public discussion platform is being superior and “condescending”

I see no condesce— oh wait, never mind.

:thinking: seems someone’s being a tad bit hypocritical.

How about instead of focusing on everyone else’s opinions (ikr? That exists), you focus on the reason why you made such a ridiculous post with no evidence. Sounds more like you had a bad experience and because you had a bad experience it shouldn’t exist, so everyone else should also have bad experiences :joy:


I am a bot. :robot:


Will you be my friend? Then I would have one


FINALLY, a cognition of itself.

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You score that one, Dread needs more players and here’s your chance :+1:

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There’s bots that give you locations for team castles, if your neighbor gets bubbled, all info for a certain player and if enemy lands on your castle. I find 3 of these to be semi cheating. Your guess which ones I mean. For me personally I find this to be not fair gameplay. Either all should have access or none. @PGGalileo


I feel like there’s a huge knowledge gap on what bots do and what an API does…the idea behind it is that it creates a standard so that more DO possibly have access.

Also and just wondering, how do you force someone to allow you access to a tool someone built themselves?

And what is an actual solution then? Tell people to stop reading the game files? And creating their own tools? How would you stop that? Not the moral outrage, but at in an actual engineering sense. How do you do this?