Cheaters gotta be stopped

Please watch this video until the end

How the hell does this happen?

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Huh… What’s the problem? :thinking:

Did you watch the video?

Oops, didn’t watch my bad

This is a recap videos from your last defence, but this is not what actually happened in the original attack. The game is simulating the attack and you got a bug with a dragon stuck before dying, a strong Dragon finished your base, there’s probably no cheating.

Do you happen to have this kind of screen for this attack too :

I don’t get those often, Android bugs :unamused:

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I have Android, I get those but only when I touch a flag over a tower on my base, not from my mailbox…

I actually checked that team! The only player with platinum borgian was above 100 and he was first assist which got shot down.
The attacker and second assist were 53 and 29 so i don’t see this being wrong.
I think it is some kind of cheat.

I’m going to check it too…

I know what you’re talking about, I just don’t always have those

The player in 5th round would not have a dragon that could finish my base.

The video doesn’t even show round 5 was initiated

I saw the same thing back in August and I contacted support. The player no longer exists. Still don’t know how it happened and the invisible dragon didn’t show up listed as one of the dragons used. It’s like it didn’t exist.

Well hopefully this will be fixed, kind of outrageous to put so much effort into building a base to have a purple dragon slay it, when Platinum Dragons clearly can’t get through.

Let me propose a scenario in which this may happen.

Lead attacker is a level 53
Second attacker is a level 100+
Third attacker is a level 29
(based on above)

Lead attacker flies
Second attacker flies
Lead attacker flies
Third attacker flies, and the lead attacker has now lost all hope in the raid being successful so exits just as the third attacker swaps (doesn’t die)
Now i’ve seen this happen many times before in this scenario, that the lead attacker role is then transferred to the second flier if he is still watching. I’m not sure WHY it happens, but it definitely happens. I think the near exact timing of the swap with the quit bugged your replay slightly and the second attacker simply chose another dragon and flew your base and was successful.
Second attacker takes over lead position and finishes the base.
So i’m not defending the attacker in any way shape or form, but there is plausible deniability on his account since i’ve been a witness to this on both ends of the run before (against friends, against people i know who have showed me the replays that it’s happened to me before)

The player in 5th is the one who attacked you, the level 149, totally possible he finished your base. Again I don’t see a cheat, just a glitch in the simulator of defence…

Original Attacker
Follower 1
Original Attacker
Follower 2
Original Attacker

Edit : @mechengg is also correct, this bug happens too.

Look at the * next to the higher level player, it’s the leader of the attack, a level 149 who used 3 Dragons. And you heard arborius die even though there was a delay, so a fifth Dragon must have been sent…

Yeah you’re right, I misread the order.

Still it doesn’t show that it went to 5th round, and the timing between when round 4 should have dropped and round 5 starts was non existent

There was a bug in the matrix. I once or twice flied invisible dragons or saw invisible Dragon defence, but this is not an actual recollection of the player’s attack, just a glitch I think.

I’ve had this happen to me before, and strangely it was arborius also! I asked support and they said visual glitch :man_shrugging:

that’s an issue with the replay. on that actual battle, the fight went normally until the end of round 5.

we can only say that it is a possible cheater if the video recorded the actual battle and not the replay.

Yeah the bugs can suck but i despise the term “cheater” and believe it should not be thrown around lightly. Most circumstances are either from an unintentional glitch occuring, a rookie gamer speaking out on what is misunderstood by them, or simply pride and ego take over when a player is defeated…very rarely is any deliberate cheating going on and if there is then over 90% of all players would have to keep their mouth shut about it anyway or become subjected to ridicule from hypocrisy because there are so many levels of cheating and just bc u see an opportunity to exploit 1 feature to be innocent, that is ultimately your opinion when feature is not functioning as intended.

PG should also fix their replay system…just saying…