Cheaters wear nappies

Got a join request from an enticing looking player who had not been in contact with us at all … but they were in our league so we sat back and didn’t pull them in. Lo and behold within a little while later the same team declared on us.

Now while some may argue this was co-incidence, I have a feeling it’s pretty grubby game play.

If you can’t win on your own strength and effort, you’re a crap team … go find a game more worthy of your skills … like go fish. Play the game with honour or don’t play at all.

Why is it considered cheating?

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So was this person a cheater, or is the title of the thread not accurate? :thinking: :t_rex:

Lol haven’t seen someone try that in a while.

oh my bad … they drop into your team and then drop out mid war leaving you a player down.


Wow. Maybe that has happened to us before.

We had a player say she wanted to leave the team cause her boyfriend was on it and the females member kept flirting with him. She couldn’t take it anymore. She joined. They declared. She went back to them mid-war without doing her war run … said she wanted to be with her man.

Maybe she pulled a trick on us but she seemed really upset that her man was being flirted with.

I’d be suspicious …

we screen applicants by engaging in back and forth conversation for a while. If they are truly interested more likely than not, they will continue to talk, maybe even be open to waiting until after an event is over to join.

If not really interested, they seem to disappear from the conversation…


This :point_up_2:. And a standard background check, blood sample, and certification of live birth.


Yeah we don’t bring in random strangers either so they would need to put in way more effort than this to catch us out. Also, we’re full at the moment.

But it’s pretty shitty game play to put a person in the team you are going to war with … it suggests you know you can’t win on your own strength and effort.

Never ever take a player from a team in your league.

Plus screen screen screen. Talk to them first.


:rofl: a lot of our players come from LC. We had a team merge with us this week cause our members tend to chat in LC.

Hey, this sounds familiar. It happened to us before.

Oh :flushed:. Was her name something like Angel when she joined and then got changed to B1tch when she went back to her team? :eyes:

That reminds me.
One time I declared war against one team. The leader sent me a mail, asking us why we declared war against them… (this is not an xp team)
After we won the war, I invited some of them, and one joined.
And now, she is one good player in our team :relaxed:

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That’s almost like a whole new thread … the winners and the losers that we collect along the way (no names of course). We once snagged a guy out of LC (maybe 2 years ago) just as I went to bed, by the time I woke up we had war with almost the whole league as he was badmouthing everyone in LC. Had to kick his sorry arse.

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but badmouthing everyone is LC is so much fun!

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if you say so … personally I hate it when the parentals fight …

most standard drama tactic

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