Cheating? Dragons shooting across islands?

Just was visited… watching the replay did me me raise my eyebrows… Noctua and Necryx are shooting across multiple islands… towers explode way ahead of the dragon??


Could only upload an animated GIF …

Sorry only shows a still image

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A pitty I can’t upload the clip. Sent it to support directly. Sorry

record the replay and upload to youtube then post the link here

upload it on youtube

had some issues getting it on youtube (complete newbie there) undistorted …
but finally:

the interesting part starts after Rhyo goes down…
@pgCampusLifer, @PGDave any comment?

I really hope that support doesn’t write back saying that it’s just a replay issue :disappointed:. Maybe a hacked client?

The game has mechanics for range and blocking off damaging towers on islands closer to the base until the dragon approaches; this pretty clearly seems to go against both.

Or perhaps figure out what’s going on with replays :see_no_evil:

I think it’s a replay error because you can see the dragons taking damage and dying too.

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if you check the last part, you can see that Necryx’s Cloak was disabled. This means that it is actually on the island where the blue mage tower is.

so its a replay bug.

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Kinda unrelated, but can we get a way to upload videos directly to the forums without having to upload them to YouTube first? That would be great, IMO.

But how can a replay error explain shooting across islands. You clearly see the dragon coming in hitting towers on the second next island

thats the replay bug itself. It will show a delay progress. On your end, it is on the last island, on the player’s side, it is on the next island where it should be.

i think that’s impossible at the moment for this forum type. They have to do something that could let users upload, but it will cost money like what youtube is doing.

I agree replay bug. The spells are affected by mage towers and dragon taking damage from towers that are being hit. If u zoom out wider you will be able to see it.

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