*** cheating have a bot

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where is the cheating there ? seems like u having lag and been spotted


Try and attack Them and see what i mean, as soon as u land no matter where u land on their castles they Will know right away!

maybe they watch their castles a lot

Oh my, a team actually paying attention to snipers? I guess competence is the new cheating…


It’s not them paying attention imo. But this is a matter for PG. let me say I have seen a few teams misuse bots far more than expected.


They cant watch their castles 24/7 while doing attacks at the same times, like i Said try it and see for urself! I have Tryed to attack Them On different times Day and Night no team is that awake, as soon as u land on their castle without even attacking they be coming running

i have seen another team do this to me .
it looks like this to me

they have 2 or more trappers nearby and trap us with one trapper as soon as we land . it will kick us out of attacking prim and ask us to attack the trapper . we try this and by the exact time the original trapper moves off castle prompting the trapper has fled the castle message and a second trapper traps us . now imagine this back and forth between a few different trappers by which time a counter sniper kills you off .

it is just very quick and efficient work . if someone got so much time to watch and execute this , hats off


I tried it, they know when u start traveling to red zone outside of it. Iffy as shit. Hopefully PG look into this propperly not the same way they turn a blind eye to other crap.

Dumb people have to cheat to play a game

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This is not the first time.

REDACTED are always cheaters :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Someone should pan them @PGJared


Call outs are strictly prohibited. Please submit a support ticket or message an appropriate PG forum account to report cheating.