Cheating in atlas - NOT calling out any specific teams (take 2)

There you go @TheRedDelilah. A cheating thread without specifically calling out any team/person.

Also @PGJared don’t you think players deserve to know about widespread team based cheating, particularly as it could impact them directly? If they were to attack they should do so with eyes wide open. Hiding such cases through help desk submissions only actually does players a disservice.

And finally, I would like to resurrect the discussion on team based punishments. In cases such as one which shall not be named where the team CANNOT POSSIBLY CLAIM IGNORANCE, the entire team should be banned.


No because the more you know the worse it is for them. Containment of information is key.

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Lol looks like a second home for some else team :thinking::joy:
Well we all know what had happened to Monsters Desert :man_shrugging:t2: When the leadership was in knowledge of what they were doing, lets see what happens now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Honestly, at this point PG has to know some of this. If they haven’t done anything by now. It pretty much stands to reason that it’s just going to get worse

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A smart person said once:

„Allowing cheating in money heavy mobile games heavily increases spending from the stupids bc they want and need to compete“


PG’s not going to talk about security exploits, exploitable glitches or anything else they are struggling to control. They can barely keep the game functioning at a stable level every week.

The main problem with resource exploits, in Atlas, is how easily resources can affect the whole team. Gold is used for pretty much all of the main infrastructure upgrades and we don’t even have a farm equivalent of a gold mine. Once you max out all of your castles it then trickles down to the individuals for their troop and primarch needs. It’s possible that some teams are using exploits under the guise of a heavy spender on their team. But, then how does PG handle individual players who used loaned gold for upgrades?

The problem, when more teams get added in the future, is that teams will be under more pressure to maintain their status quo. And new teams will be tempted to find “creative” ways to catch up to those teams that had Atlas access months before them.


Was going to make this post but link to your post linking to the posts calling out teams but decided I shouldn’t seeing as I just switched from my alt account to main so I could talk on atlas forums and didn’t need my account banned already.

But yea pg probably won’t do anything about this seeing as teams will spend money to take the land back that those teams are getting with these hacks. At this point every team might as well get a someone using these because this is ridiculous. Not being serious obviously but that’s what this is going to result in if nothing is done. People will just get cheaters to help them fight the cheaters :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I think,putting limits on individual donations might help to prevent this
But…ppl can transfer gold between each other and hit hacked alts accounts,so it’s close to impossible
Changing system in general might help
With will request some team afford,instead of gold
Or some permanently taxes which will fill “team gold” which can’t be donated or taken away(alike barracks) and can be filled only with Invader attacks or doing team quests,etc

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The problem with this game, and any other pay to play game, is that there is absolutely no cap to spending. Free to play players are capped by time. But spenders can just keep spending.

With an environment like this, cheaters will be rife, as again, there is no cap to cheating.

It’s a vicious cycle and one that will break this game sooner rather than later.

@PGJared @PGCrisis @pgEcho


Well the problem with allowing EVERYTHING to be gemmed is you have to secure the master currency…which they do not.

Atlas is a different matter too in the sense that the damage of it is so much more permanent too


To make this game more affordable would surely reduce hackers. When you see the cost of the packs and what does it add you can conclude directly it doesn’t pay off. The same applys to pretty much everything you can pay with rubies or the quantity of rubies you pay with money. Of course players with some tendency to cheating will decide on it against spending the same money for 1% of game evolution via the other path

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I do not agree that whole teams should be banned for this issue. Atlas is new to many new teams and players who have no idea what theyre doing may not catch on to the cheating as fast. This is coming from me someone who was just on the team who isnt going to be named. I believe the cheaters should be banned. I do not agree with the whole team ban thing tho. I do not belive making it more affordable would stop cheating. Once you get so much for so little unless you get the same deal you will just go back to being shady AF.

I do not care about the backlash at this point. I watched the cheating happen and have screenshots. I watched people knowingly try to hide the fact of cheating.

Well,it’s usually pretty munch obvious that someone hacking
Team can see gold transfers still
I think infrastructure should be rolled back in this case(which also won’t compensate damage from hacking fully)


yes it is obvious for someone who knows something about atlas. However if u just get atlas a day before this starts and dont know anything about gold or the prices it is not obvious.

In dealing with this the saddest part is an entire team knowingly allows the cheat to happen. The whole team benefits from the cheat, but pg only punishes the one person doing the cheat. I’m sure we all remember how a team used the I win button in wars with their Kelvin invincible attacks that nuked bases. But how is that fair for everyone else. Because the cheating team has one player and yet the damage is long lasting to every team that has to interact with that same team in game.

Maybe this team needs to lose atlas with all their troops bought by created gold or prims leveled with the same said created gold indefinitely.


“Punish”. As in, the account that is likely there just to be discarded is banned…ouch lol

I have in the past found a player who when I hit him he gave me zero gold…

but when I checked atlas my bank was full

is this an example of hacked account ?

my team at the time all rushed to farm him and I conclude they must of raided him for 100M easy

was it a development account or a hacked account? I didn’t know you could hold more than what it costs for the 3rd primarch slot?


Don’t know what you mean by development account but pretty sure there is no such thing…

You are right I think
We saw account in battle menu,which showed 284m wood!