Cheating in war?

In war with team MaisondeBond, apperently the dragon died but it kept on going to destroy the rest of the base:thinking::thinking::thinking: got a video to prove. @PGJared whats your take on this ? :unamused::unamused::unamused:



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Based on the video, I suspect it’s a glitch in the replay. It appeared the defenders were actively defending the base, suggesting they could still see neptus and try to counter its attack.

Check the cheater please

glitch? You can see the last fire ball hitting Neptus and the dragon flopped.


Visual glitches like these are common. Please search the forum next time. Here’s the most recent one before yours


This is basically the same crap we’re getting

Why ??zombie attack??

From the video you can clearly see the dragon has died. How can this be a glitch?

BTW, I like to see if your dragon did the flop and if you can keep going.

You do you boo.

On the attacker’s screen the dragon does not die when there is a replay glitch. Replays are not actual recordings of what happened. More like recreations. What do the defenders have to say? In the past when dead dragons have kept going it was thought to be a replay glitch. It is possible that this was a cheat but this is not conclusive proof of it


Photos don’t mean anything, this is hard core evidence.

I disagree with you on the player screen vs defender, one of my teammate and I was the personally defending on the hit, we clearly seeing the last lv 45 fire turret super attack hit the dragon with barely to non hp left. but it kept on going.

Why did you keep dropping defence boosts without fail if the dragon was dead? There was no pause. You would have been shocked if the dragon kept going.

Was there a second dragon? Did that run? Do you even remember?

From our defence screen the dragon kept on going, and the rest of the towers were’nt able to take the dragon down for some reason( the small island has ( lv45 ice turret + lv 45 fir turret+ Lv 43 trebuchet+ Lv 43 Lightning tower + Red mage tower) My teammate and I can sure that last fire ball was the final hit, thats why we were very suprised when it jut kept on going, The lead dragon was Nec, This Nep was the second dragon.

Theres tons of stuff in this game that doesnt work the way its supposed to. Replays and even what you see while actively defending are sometimes included. It is very likely a visual glitch, previous reports of the same thing were proven as such. Let pg check it out though, you never know.

Some other instances of similar things happening:

I actually had this happen to a teammate a long time ago. Teammate finished a base in war. The team we were warring came at us screaming in LC that we were cheating. They said that my teammate’s dragon died but kept on destroying the base. My teammate and the person who was with him in the battle said he had almost died but healed just in time. Incident was reported to PG and they said that replay bugs do exist and they couldn’t confirm cheating in this case