Cheating in war?





No need to tag so many times :sweat_smile:
It’s 2am for PG. I’m sure Jared will see when he gets to work in the morning


Number of tags will increase its importance, right?


Either, or will make the tagged person annoyed.


@pgjared is like



If you have concerns about a player in game - whether it be their messages, posts, behavior, or legitimacy of their account - and think they are breaking the Terms of Service (TOS) please report them in game! Posting on the forums is counterproductive and a complete waste of your time and PG’s time.

You can report from chats by clicking their name and pressing the report button that also has the ability to block the player. For messages, you can block the player and screenshot the message to attach in a report. In general, you can file a report by clicking settings (looks like a cog) and pressing “contact us”.



Red is correct here. Please don’t make public accusation threads. Just send a ticket or reach out to the team via Private Message.