Cheating is out of hand - core game and atlas

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I won’t call anyone out but this is getting beyond fun.

My whole team reports attacks in atlas and the main game of red dragon, emerald and garnets (didn’t see anything else) which one shots entire islands or using their spells to insta gib islands plus health hacks.

It’s no fun it’s just depressing and to be frank an embarrassment that these cheats won’t be insta flagged in the system combined with an auto ban. We reported these hacks now for YEARS. It’s not something new and surprising.

A base with electro ice and fire flak all lv 60 was killed in atlas with an unboosted emerald necryx which one shots the towers. Don’t tell me it’s enfeebled…

When can we have finally a game free of these scumbags?


Frustrating indeed.

And again!
@PGJared @PGCrisis
Ppl exploiting it in wars,events and Atlas(which makes us literally lose money)
Its unbelievable!
And ppl don’t even need to hack or do anything special
You letting 80% of the game cheat without any punishment
Please,fix this with top priority

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I am sure you saw my post before.
Cheating is here to make others spend more money. PG won’t take any proactive measures against it but will still say they are proactive . Call me negative but its getting out of hand.

And then some people are cheated against by PG itself …
No comments on how ethical they are, looking at players as cash cows.


Sapphire Corth soloed my Base,using that glitch
I have 480m def
Why should I pay more,and build up,if someone can bring Apo or Corth and destroy it (if no def)
Or why should I participate in Atlas if ppl abusing game mechanics there
I’m not even mentioning that one cheater will affect whole league team ranking and global leaderboard
So I’m always very sarcastic,when someone saying that it’s not my personal business if someone cheating somewhere
My friend who is lvl 400+ have been soloed by Amarok
Just check this
Hiding ign,to avoid being blamed in witch hunt
Check roster and AP
And it’s not like his dragons are healing.
I checked profile few times and it’s same

Yup. That’s why I laugh when people ask me why I refuse to spend a few hundred a month if I can afford it. I mean sure I can but I’d rather go to a hotel 2 nights a month with the wife, at least then I’m sure I’ll get more out of it than the guy who’s at home. :rofl:


That is a horrible roster based on level but perhaps it’s glitched? Mine shows Kirin :see_no_evil: and a couple others I haven’t used in a loooong time. They are certainly not my most powerful dragons.

It also shows different to me when I look and when people view my profile. Check it out for yourself, look at my profile. I can’t do it myself or I would post both.

Here’s what it shows for me if you’re curious

Definitely unreliable lol

At least Kirin is gone. :raised_hands:

I know it’s a lot of work, but I’m sure PG can spare some expense to hire more people, if not more competent people to help solve these issues ranging from dirt poor customer service to lazy coding.

I know it’s hard work. But there’s no excuse in this case. This isn’t the case of an indie company’s being overworked. It’s the case where a select few wish to see how far they can milk the cow before it kicks back.
You guys have millions in revenue. Easily. Throw a few hundred k at peoples LinkedIn page and get quality.

Why do we have to suffer for lackluster work? We as the customers pay for a product and expect fair and equitable treatment.

Then again it’s much easier to abuse a captive audience and see how far things can be taken before they snap in response…


In my situation difference only in AP/DP numbers

Noooo!Where is your unicorn?!!:rofl::rofl::sob::sob::sob:
But yeah!the thing is - he have 3 dragons in roster regardless of day when you checking
And 2b AP which is at least 4b for real
And he is lvl 300+
So needs eggs for builder hut
And one of those dragons on perch
I also had Fae in my top-3 for some reason
But it was Emerald I think
So it was close to my top tier
This guy doesn’t have any dragons after platinum or sapphire tier (not sure which tier Skarr was)
So it looks little confusing,how he even able to build

P.S. I checked this team,when one of their mates soloed my Base with sapphire Corth,using exploit
Was curious to see others )

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