Cheating or not?

Is this possible? Lvl182 with obsidian dragons and
Lvl59 storage with lvl50 sheep farm and lumber mill.

@PGDave @PGJared

They would be locked at level 1, and not strong enough to be his top three. This is a poor attempt at hiding cheating in my opinion.

He should be lv 1 :thinking:

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heard that you can only breed obsidian after lvl220?

208 According to Red in previous post. I believe.

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According to amoeba the emerald legendaries need to be lv 16 and that’s possible for a lv 182. So they should be able to breed it at 182.

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208 to breed Mythic Obsidians.
182 to breed Legendary Obsidians.

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Hmm, thought in a previous post you said is was 208 to get a legendary breedable. Apologies.

Yes 208 to get a legendary obsidian breedable so you can use it as a parent of a mythic obsidian.


so its not cheating?
check his storage or builder or anything?
It looks to me is so werid
And i remebered if you breed obsidian, you have to have lvl11 breeding and lvl 11 incubator.
His only lvl 10

It would be the first sup 240 I see with Noc

It is highly suspicious of cheating.

At his lvl his obs dragons can only be lvl 6 or so.

Its incredibly unlikely that those 3 would be his strongest 3 dragons. It warrants a look into at the least

What if he had atk/def boosts on those dragons but not his others?

still highly suspicious for me
I dont what PG say about it

Well if he really wanted to show off it is a display that can be (pun intended) played with.

Just look at my fabulous best three Dragons. The strongest is my (clears throat) favourite…

Kinnara :heart_eyes:

But I am not trying to justify the player presented here, just that you can manipulate this to falsely display your “best” Dragons :joy:

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That only works when you view your own profile, I believe. I do not think you can manipulate how someone else views it. @mechengg and I tried this but i can’t remember how it turned out.

Oh. I don’t know… I’ll keep those Dragons in my roster for a while today and see if it’s just that the server needs to catch up…

Also note your AP drops massively while his hasn’t.

This is accurate for my normal Dragons. I guess it doesn’t work… So bad, it was a nice trolling idea :joy:

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