Cheating team, ain't they

No need for words for this. This is a team from PG :joy:
Cough @Arelyna cough isn’t it your own PG team??? Any explanation for this (besides the usual crap, oops, someone on our testing team forgot to remove the officers roles)


How the hell is there that many officers? & Someone has a “_” in name on second page? :thinking:


plus i believe you can’t even join teams till your level 10

I think lv6 is enough. But clearly PG didn’t control their own staffs and let them do whatever they want in their Gold team.
This team even has Atlas as someone pointed this out before

Well, fuck me gently :roll_eyes:


I’m in the same league don’t start a war with my team.

Yes please :muscle:

At least I haven’t put a shit ton of money into the game and then get screwed good for them

Actually this is how they look like as of now:

Yet they still have a member with the following name: CR_AD (only for you, my love, @KillerFrost)

That underscore is really poking my eyes


Care to chime in @PGEggToken @PGDave (sorry to tag you in this but other PG staffs are MIA) @pgCampusLifer

Yeah after being called out on forum :man_shrugging:

they suddenly have more active (online) members than any given team at the start of a war :joy::rofl::joy:

It probably explains why PG doesn’t think there’s a problem with gold league. :joy:


Can anyone tell me what’s wrong in this picture? a gold team with 9M troops took over an island over night. They never hold any lands in Atlas before

@PGDave @pgEcho @PGEggToken please check your own PG team. We all know this team has some bots from PG for testing. But this is absurd
Note: This had been mentioned in Atlas as well

Quoting a reply to a similar thread that was in the Atlas forum earlier today:

Someone mentioned that @Arelyna is on this team, but that doesn’t mean everyone else on it is from PG unless we’re coming at it from a “guilty by association” angle. Otherwise, our last ban wave would have been quite a bit heftier :dodo:

Yeah but last time, someone on this team cheated before and we found out that the tester was playing with the dev tools :see_no_evil:

It’s just seeming a little sketchy considering an admin is on that team, and all of a sudden they’re an atlas team with millions of troops & way too many officers :woman_shrugging:t3:


The key is, 9M troops in 10 min :man_shrugging:

Well a team that gets a creators faction member automatically gets atlas so why wouldn’t a team with an admin on it?

Is that so obvious? Alleviates is CF member in XPfarmslooseX1 and they don’t have atlas. Jumping to conclusions here, aren’t we!