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So this woman just invited me to a chat where she admitted getting banned from LC for talking about BDSM and asking people to had sex with her (not as nicely as that) but she’s got a chat and has been inviting randoms from LC and then talking about various porn stuff (I think) and one of my Ex-Friends is in the chat and I’m worried about him because his mum would do something really bad if she saw anything inappropriate on his iPad. His name is BoreasVenti

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@Lorkhaj - have your friend report the chat messages.

@PGJared - is there a way you could look at this player’s chat history.

Never won’t because he’s a bad officer in her team. And red,
I’m really really sorry that we got off on a bad start… I… you do lots of work for this game and I know you won’t notice me but for what it’s worth, I’m sorry.

What is so hard about blocking someone or declining the invite to their chat room? FFS, everyone is so sensitive. You act like you’ve never turned on a television or something. I certainly hope the forums isn’t devolving into a nanny system.

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Also, why don’t you let some anonymous kid’s mom worry about what he’s doing?

Because he’s in Ireland. But anyways we’re getting off topic.
I’m assuming the person I’ve screenshotted the account of is known to PG and the PgCrisis guy is on forums so just trying to let them know she is still around. I mean, just look at her medals this week. She doesn’t really play yet she has a chat with 90+ players.

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Duuuuude just stop.

Seriously…can we please close this thread and ban this player?

Me? :joy: dude don’t make this personal. Because that’s what it is. I’m trying to generally help people. _

Please make all reports in game. To file a ticket, you can do so from the chat by pressing their message and then the following:

There is no reason to start witch hunts on the forums.