Chelonoth opinions and gameplay

Hello again!

Looking for peoples opinions of chelonoth if anyone has grabbed em yet!

I would love to see some Gameplay if anyone would be willing to get some and share here or on line (ID: dabrosky) I would greatly appreciate it!


First, pretty cool looking dragon.

My initial impression based on spells is would be a pretty decent dragon for general play. Seems better than the average warrior. Only major issues I see is if there is a rage drain island (and a defender or unlucky undefended SS).

Without a rage drain island, just the mage towers on kill island I don’t see being a huge detriment, as you can use both the rage requiring spells prior to being hit by the mage shots and you should get through fine (within reason).

For those who are interested, here is a quick video review of chelonoth and my thoughts (also has Ano, the new offensive rider, in it).

Mine Emerald already!
Dragon looks great!
Twitch has better video! Watch it!
My opinion is the following!
1-Blue shield is a disappointment! ( easily killed by Blue Mage) but doesn’t cost rage, so should be ok! Wish if it was white shield! :man_facepalming:t2:
2-no passive resistance! But summon will absorb 40%. Elemental gives 50%… so that’s 10% difference! In addition to missing on riders resistance boost!
3- he’s a rage sucker! 2 rage units for spell flux! 2 units for Rampage! Without ability to stop Mage shots, you going to need a ton of rage! Ano, the rider will give u 10% (if u can afford him—NOT ME :joy:) but Rage glyphs would be handy!

Finally! It’s hard to judge at my level with Emerald tier! But bird kicked high! Took out 3x power base easily! Struggled with Farms!

Side note! Bird is “Mythic” :thinking:, despite having Legendary stats:
Won’t make huge difference, except for the perch! :heart_eyes::hugs:
There are no wind warriors so far past Obsidian! :grimacing:
So I’m crossing my fingers that PG honors Chelo’s mythic status! :crossed_fingers:

MY 2 CENTS! (GET IT):+1:


Huh. It’s a mythic on the perch?

They wont, it’s an obvious glitch. Also have you actually tried to put him on a perch to see if he’s giving mythic perks or are you just assuming he will because it says mythic?

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Nice thanks :slight_smile:

Yea when I look in the breeding castle, it labels chelonoth as Legendary.

Shame too, I’d get him for my perch if he did give mythic boosts. Im ready to replace Gloom and he would have worked better than Girasol

:thinking: It’s been fixed then. Gotta try to grab later.

Taken today🤞


@Arelyna (because you’re the only one I’ve come across personally) - can you address this question of Chelonoth and his “mythic” status for perch/buff?

I was thinking about using the runes and glyphs from his branch on haku. I’m not planning on using chelonoth.

I’ll probably get him to leave him at platinum for Assault. Unless they keep his mythic perch status (they wont) then I’d level him and boot Gloom off my perch for him

Whether or not I finish his line will depend on if I have enough sigils to get him to platinum and then get all of Ano’s line or just use Chel as my 3rd line

I thought there was a thing where the legendary divines gained mythic status at their final tier of the mythic goes to the next tier?

Am I mis remembering?


I was thinking the same thing to.

He and the other legendary divines should be mythic stats.

I have Haku on my perch with no mythic status though.

But wasn’t haku last season? When all the seasonals went to empyrean soo the legendaries should only have legendary status

My Axi isnt mythic Harbinger so no. Only the Summer 2017 dragons actually evolved into having the mythic status

So Chelonoth is probably not even worth considering right?