Chest and prizes

I have a problem I can’t seem to get chests or prizes I was but now nothing . Doesn’t matter what I do attack or anything it won’t give me chests or prizes . Does anybody know what the hell the deal is ?

I have all latest up dates and upgrades

What do you mean? Are you running chest farms? Is it still dropping rubies?

Could you explain this issue a little further please?

Ya yesterday I was getting chests over and over like we are supposed to be getting them and today nothing in go on an attack nothing . I do twenty attacks nothing . I hardly even get speed up one or two every five or six join attack or attacks I can’t get nothing . I almost ready to quit game all together. If others can get but I’m not a load . I won’t spend anymore money on agame that’s rigged

Did your dragons level up? Otherwise it is probably bad rng

I’m not getting anything I just did an attack with a friend chests went to them not to me over and over. I mean for real😤

What is bad my?

Random number generation, iirc. Basically, you’re having a string of unlucky pulls. Try force quitting your app and try a few more runs? Make sure you’re hitting bases that say “challenging” on them.

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Ok I’ll try that but still I won a bunch of silver chest last event I didn’t get not one and I’m wondering the ones I won this event will I get any of them ? I believe there the ones with ruins . How do I get ruins if I never get silver chests I won ? For that matter why say I won them if I don’t I get them ? I mean come on . I don’t want to complain but

The silver chests still drop and remain in your inventory you just cant access them until next season due to sigil chests taking their spot. Gold, bronze, and silver chests all carry over.

Really? Really?!


For srs bra

Just so you know. When special chests like super sigils (this events chests) and runic chests (last event) come out they replace silver chests. That doesn’t mean you lose them. They just go into storage while the limited time stuff has its moment.

This is in the mail PG sends out regarding the special chests. This is not a glitch. This is intended and you are not being shortes

Some people refuse to read :woman_facepalming:

Should be this week , not weekend

For the record I did read that . I was under the impression that silver chest could be won or super sigil chest could be won . I was unaware that they could only be bought . My apologies. So it’s last chance sigil s for season prizes to be uptained. So if I have money is the only way. Ok so will evilotion stones for dragons of this event be accessible anyware or ever after this event?

I got all four and will won’t to evolve them and train them to expert.
AgAin I do apologize for any stupid comments on my part . I was frustrated and it might not seem like that’s a good reason to say stupid things . I’m human and make mistakes. Thank you for answering my questions even thou I wasn’t being very considerate on my part

After the SEASON ends (after the next event) then these stones will no longer ever be available to obtain.


Welcome to the game. This season is almost over with one more event to get evolution stones after this current one.

Next season, perhaps look a some season planning suggestions. Usually the general advice is to stick to one dragon for a bit.