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Hi guys,

So I’ve been running 50+ times since the start of the event today and 0 chest of any kind have dropped. And I am getting rubies… to my knowledge during events rubies are replaced by chests. Am I correct?

I understand there’s a drop rate for all items, including chests. But 0 out of 50+ seems impossible.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Many thanks.


Hard restart the game


Hi mate. I did. Several times. Ans dollowed the instruction from Pg to signed out of my account. Deleted my game and reinstalled it. Still the same. Not a single chest of any kind and getting rubies instead.


No. But the chance becomes 1/81k or so (bronze is about 3/13)

  1. Hard restart
  2. Uninstall-reinstall (sign out first)
  3. Repeat #2 for 3 -20 times


Are you serious??? 3-20 times?? It took me almost 3 hours to have all the files downloaded and game playable. What is going on???


Oh and yes I’ve been getting rubies. No chests.


When it happened to me, I keep uninstalling and reinstalling until it’s fixed. It’s often that it took more than one cycle…


I’ve had this happen 3 different times (all in duskfall season)
Twice fixed by force restarting the game/restarting phone
Once fixed by uninstall/reinstall of game.


So “force restart” means double click on the home bottom and swipe the app off. Is that correct? Thanks.


Every update, every event launch has this kind of effect on monument drops.

If you’re on Android, the solution is very simple: force close, force stop, clear cache, enjoy your drops.
This method has been 100% working on my LG G7 for months


definition of “Force close.”


First time for me. And yeah. Very frustrating. Oh and I’m on iOS.


That sucks. Anyway, I posted on a former thread with the same topic the solution for iOS users, please find it. It was for iPhone XR or something like that


Im pretty sure reinstall would work but I say they are developers and their job is to fix bug not our


Yeah, did all that and didn’t work. Its been a whole day and still not chest drop for me. :disappointed:


Some people haven’t got a single chest ever since 4.80 went live last fall :sweat_smile:
I usually have this problem only during first 1-2 hours of every event until I hard restart. But that’s really a big problem, sorry you’ve got into that.


Yes I did

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