Chest drop predictor

Always wanted to plan out your chests better, know how many you still need to open to get that one drop?

This is a little tool that can predict what your chests will contain before you opened them, based on the drop pattern of your last chests (usually just a few are enough). All based on the excellent research done by @OrcaFrost and @SavageAFforPG.

It currently only does Bronze, Gold and Atlas. Data is updated for this week’s pvp event, but updating is still a manual process so coming events might take a little time to show up. The whole tool is still in the testing phase but works fine for my small sample set. No warranties though.

Also I know it still looks rubbish, I’m focussing on function first :grin:


Woot! Maybe a sub-section for the different events since i think each event has the same data array (but TBC). Might help after one of each event has been available to pull from

Excited to start using it


That’s pretty cool. Could you edit it to say when the sequence resets. I notice that the drop list goes to 1000, but it would be nice to see where the sequence reset it. I will be sharing this with my team as well.

Ahhhh this is incredible! Thank you for all your hard work guys :green_heart:
Just can’t wait until PG changes it all. You heard it here first, folks. They don’t let us have good stuff for long. :t_rex:


The sequence as a whole doesn’t really reset, at least not within 1000 chests. Because there are several different sequences interacting (the drop rarity itself, and a separate sequence for each rarity).


Ah ok, I see that.

Any chance you could have a summary section for each page?

AKA you enter in the number of chests you have (and where it starts) and it does a sum of each different type of item you will obtain?


Yep, I definitely want something like that as well for myself. I need to clean-up the internal data representation a bit (currently it’s stored pretty much exactly as you see in the dropdown), and maybe read straight from the json files as well. This weekend is a bit busy already but it’s high on my list for sure.


Well done btw, this is a very good tool for those who aren’t into array reading and putting things together. It has an easy to use interface and good drop downs


Yes… But will it blend?

Also, this is pretty dope.



Thanks @Morreion awesome job!

Will you be resetting this every new event? If so, need an indication of what the event it is currently referencing is so it’s clear for the user.

This totally works. Nice tool!

I plan on doing so, probably put in a selector where you can choose which event to use, including older ones (if you want to use them to maybe predict future ones). That bit of the code needs a bit of work though, it’s currently a hard-coded list.


I thought Orca’s data says it will reset? for common prize it is at prize 55 , isnt it?

By reset, if you mean go to 1 after 55, then yes.

This is awesome thanks. Anyway we can get a way to be able to move bonus predictor. We don’t always begin at 0. Also time stamp of when it was updated kinda of like what orca has on his website would be nice as well.

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I literally opened 100 gold chest and 300 bronze chest when treasure hunt phase started. WHERE WERE YOUUU??? Can’t wait for the next time to try this out. Thanks for all of the work you all put into this!!! :kiss:

Each rarity itself resets yes.
The entire sequence however does not due to each rarity having a different number of occurrances in each array.

For example, if epic had 4 occurrances and legendary had 4, then after 8 total it would reset. But if epic had 4 and legendary had 3, then the entire series would reset after 12 total. Now use the larger numbers and you can see the reset on the sequence is far larger than shown here

Dunce of the group here, trying to use the bronze one… How do I use it? Fill out all fifty rows? Doesn’t appear to be a button to press or anything (at least in Chrome). Only looked quickly. Excited to use this though!


The prizes advance at a different speed for each rarity because they are used at different rates. Also, there are a different number of prizes for each rarity. These two things taken together mean that a true repeat will take around 10k chests for bronze. I didn’t do the math on gold, but I’d be surprised if it truly repeated exactly under about 3000 chests. It might, but few people are opening that many during a single event. And anyone who is probably doesn’t care about efficiency.

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