Chest drop predictor


It is, you can see at the top of the main page when the last update was done if you’re not sure.


How’s silver chest project going?:eyes:


Is it possible to do a predictor for gear crafting?
If so you have any plans to do 1?


I don’t think the crafting sequence is in the game files. I base my predictor on the data @OrcaFrost gathers, so if it’s at all possible to find he probably can.


Most likely, crafting uses weighted probability, instead of predetermined sequence.


I’m not sure this is accurate.
I’m actually rather sure it does follow a sequence, we just haven’t done the work to determine it yet


Pretty sure it’s a sequence. And legendaries have a higher likelihood of appearing immediately after epics. So says my memory… :joy:


I’m still recording my craft results, but behind on data entry. I came out of a 94 item dry spell a while ago. Hit my second recorded two-in-a-row last week.

This double doesn’t match my first or the double right after a 100+ dry spell I’ve seen mentioned, unless you interpret 100+ loosely and right after very loosely. But don’t trust me; I’m behind on data entry.


@Morreion can u update it for gauntlet please


Not yet unfortunately, it looks like @OrcaFrost 's site crumbled under it’s popularity, and I need that data to update my predictor.


I love your form, Morreion. It’s considerably more user friendly for lazy people like myself :joy:


Haha glad it helps, that was my intention. But all credit to @OrcaFrost for figuring all of this stuff out in the first place, and updating the data for every week’s event.


It’s fine :blush: As long as it serves its purposes.

I think that making it user friendly cannot be neglected too, as yours are easier to use :+1:


I happen to still have it open from earlier and can send you a file with the displayed data if you’d like.


@Morreion Orca’s site is back up for me.


Same here, will update!

edit: Done!


thanks for your hard work @Morreion !

Can I suggest something?

I love to ba able to know what I will get if I open more chest but there is no summary of the whole goodies you will get.

Is it possible to add a summary for the number of chests I chose to open?:relaxed:

I mean, I introduce the data from chest 21-30 and the Bonus and I want to open 60 more chest. How many sigils, IF, pearls, etc will I get? :grin:

Unless there is already a way to know it and i’m not aware :sweat_smile:


Yes it’s called adding it up yourself…


It’s a good suggestion, and it’s on my list for when I get time to do some hobby coding one day again :grin:


Thank you