Chest drop predictor


@Morreion Will you be updating for Temple Raid? Love this site, I use it every event.

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Yep, just updated!



Best bookmark I ever made!



Not sure what I’m doing wrong, I was on chest 7, opened one chest and got an epic egg token drop. Entered epic for slot 8, and it defaults to an epic dragon attack%+ won’t let me pick something else. Tried entering it in slot 7 and slot 9 as well and got same problem. I can’t get it to let me enter the with epic egg token.



Did you open any bronze chests between your epic golds?

Epic chests come in both the bronze and gold sequence. Opening either an epic bronze or gold chest will advance you in the epic sequence. Unfortunately Morreion’s tool doesn’t account for this; fortunately it isn’t that common a situation, as only 1% of bronzes are epic. You can clear your past epics and just enter this one in the right position or clear all data and reenter from the point where it diverges if this is what you’re hitting. I think you would have to have opened a couple of epic bronzes (so 101-200 bronze chests) at least to be in this spot, as there aren’t any spots in the list where egg tokens come right after dragon attacks.



Henfon is right about that flaw in my predictor, if you open bronzes in between and get an epic drop it will fail.

It can also be a bit buggy if some choices from an earlier week remained cached, you might want to try using the reset and enter the rarity first until it locks in, and only then enter the drops to be sure it doesn’t bug out.

Apologies for the clunky workarounds, I haven’t gotten round to finishing up a better version of the tool.



@Morreion Will your website be updated today? I need my fix! Thanks!

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OrcaFrost's chest drop Info

I’m sitting on 30 gold chests waiting impatiently :joy:



I guess the issue with bronzes it’s not a bug but a consequences of the way chest drops are implemented in the game. You can’t really predict the order in which people are going open bronze and gold so there is no fix however the caveat should be made clear in the post. The best way to avoid this problem is to open your golds in one shot if you want to use this tool.

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Sorry I had a busy evening and didn’t get to my computer at all, there will be an update tonight my time (about 12 hours from now)

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Thanks! Really appreciate the site, has made my opening much more efficient. No need to apologize, not like I’m paying for it :sunglasses:

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It’s updated



Thank you so so so so so much!



I don’t think Atlas is working; apologies if you already know this.

My input:
1: epic red shards
2: epic dark
3: epic (autofilled with scrolls, expect options ice/dark)

My starting counters: (rare 39/44, epic 21/48, rarity 6/10, legendary I lost track of)



Ooh thanks for catching that, I’ve been lazy with Atlas since it didn’t really seem to change week to week. Guess it did change now or at some point I missed.

edit: updated now!



Think you need to update the order-of-rarities too: It offers the right options for my third epic now, but not the right rarities for the next few chests. (The fourth chest is necessarily rare, but I’m only offered epic/legendary as options.)



Awk you’re right, missed this one :see_no_evil: will update it with next week’s chest.



@Morreion @OrcaFrost we may have a problem - or maybe it’s just me?

Here is my first open vs predictor: so far so good - I could get the predictor to match.

Then my next open:
Predictor says:
I got:

Next 10:

Last 10:

Any idea why:

  1. On my second set of 10, I should expect 2 epics to start but the game only gave me one epic before a legendary drop? (No I didn’t open any chests in between)
  2. The sequence appears to have skipped 4 epic draws?


Does that happen in one time (i.e. opening that much at once), or wait several hours before mismatch?



Between first 10 and second 10 was like 3 days… :rofl:

Cos as you can see my next 30 on the predictor sucked ass… :joy: