Chest drop predictor


Yeah that’s what the problem is.
That said, if someone has 16/30 then how do they input that information? Do they need to use slots 11-30 to fill that information out to get the bonus in the correct spot?


Yes, if they open by tens they’d have to do exactly that. Alternatively they can do what Dracagor suggests and just open a few singles to make it a bit easier to follow.


The 0/30 just makes it easier. The “epic epic legendary” takes 30 chests to get back to the start.

That is just an example… The chest rarity order can change with each event.


I’m a little shocked to learn that this isn’t random at all…

Who’d have thunk it?



“Bounded chance” is what Dave called it.


There goes our ability to curse the RNG gods for bad drops :joy:


They could have just scaled the percentages to make it increasingly likely you get a better drop, keeping it mostly random. But PG has minor allergies when it comes to scaling things


Well they still generated the sequence “mostly randomly.”


So it’s better to open singles to 10 and then do 10 pulls?


It’s exactly the same.


That’s what I ended up doing since I was originally at 1/30 for the bonus chest.


And when do I know when to stop? Where is the sigil sweet spot?


Dunno about sigil sweet spot. You’d have to fill in the gold chest calculator. But I’m out of gold chests now and hoarding my rubies for later in the season.

(Out of gold chests meaning I have 9 lol)


Depends upon the sequence. :man_shrugging:

Nothing says all sequences have a sweet spot.


Maybe this one has a sweet spot though. Anyone looked and determined the spot?


I guess it depends on what you’re seeking, not just sigils :thinking: :t_rex:


Only sigils …


I’ll try and make some easier tools in the future, but for now it’s probably easiest to fill in a few chests until the sequence shows up, then simply hit ctrl-f to search for sigils. You’ll see them light up then, and you can gauge by eye where they are bunched up. Personally I went a little past my sigils because there were two sets of black pearls right after.


Thanks for the recommendation. You’re awesome!! :kissing_heart::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Any chance you can get it so rows of 10 are highlighted in alternating white and a 30% grey or something so it’s easier to see where each set of 10 lands? I know I was having a hard time keeping that straight in the bronze chest predictor. (I.E. 10 rows white, then 10 grey, then back to 10 white…)

(Absolutely love this tool btw. It makes so much more sense to me :sweat_smile:)