Chest drop predictor


I used it and it was …



Holy sigil drop Batman!


Yep, that’s very easy to add, I’ve put a little basic styling in now.


Fantastic! :+1:


This is sweet, thanks so much.


@Morreion you beautiful thing - when will this be updated? :smiley:


I’ll update tonight when I’m off work, about 10-12 hours from now. There’s still some manual work in it, hopefully next week it’ll be faster.


I’ve updated the predictor with data for the fort event


Updated for breed yet? :eyes:


I’m still having trouble getting the site to properly brew my coffee.

Any suggestions?



I’m slacking a bit :see_no_evil: will update tonight, and finally finish that auto-import this weekend I hope.


I’m glad you asked. I’ve wanted to ask for the last two days but didn’t want to be “that guy”. Thanks for doing it for me. :slight_smile:


That sounds so awesome! :smiley:


Haha I may have oversold it, won’t be fully auto, I’ll still need Orca’s files to update. But it’ll only take me a minute so easier to do in the morning or at a work break.


Finally updated for breeding!


FYI i really like the Atlas one. I only have a few blanks left to fill in but already it’s stopped me from opening another chest until i need gold since it says that i get gold next! That used to be my biggest worry with the Atlas chests, the risk of getting unwanted gold.


Thank you so much!!


You worry too much…



His biggest worry… Seems like Mech has a good life.


:joy: I also assume he’s stopped just before the 10m gold prize on every line… :joy: