Chest drop predictor


Probably had 9 points to go.


Oh you would have loved how perfect my previous breeding event turned out to be. :smiley:


I’d ruby that one…

But that is one worth saving. Lol


Oh i got the last two fragments and the prize for sure, this was just the before picture of me claiming them to show how close it was lol.


Lol nice


Does anyone know if this will function the same for all PvPs? I’m ready to open some chests.


Rumor has it, Orca is on the job, just saying :smirk:


Updated the predictor for Kingdom Wars


For everyone too lazy to scroll up:


Please say you’re gonna add the Runic chests. :grin::grin::grin:


Good morning! :coffee:

Who gonna use the runic chests? :thinking:

Edit: Other emoji was nagging me


Well… If you knew you would get the ammo if you opened 5 more, would you do it?


True but that would mean I opened some to begin with :smirk:


I would love to but I don’t think I’ll have my new code ready in time for this event, it’s been a bit busy.
What makes runic and silver harder, is that there are two lists for each rarity so I can’t just ask people what rarity dropped. I was working on a new interface where you just select the drop, and it figures out the rarity option by itself, but it also gets slightly more complicated because some runes are on more than one list.

In short, there will be a new version with just one dropdown to pick from for each chest, that can figure all the rest out, but it might not be here for a week or two. Once I have that, runic and silver will be included for sure.


Runic chest is kinda like Gold though, with the bonus is pulled from its own array. I think it’s not that different from your previous one (and if you omit the bonus, similar to Bronze.)


Ahh ok, I expected it to be like silver because the drops are so similar, I’ll give it a go then.


I know how much work it is. :slight_smile:

I stopped for a few reasons, but time was a big one. Not actively playing was another.


Yeah. I did silver once… And then decided it wasn’t worth the time to make a macro for it.


I’ve added runic chests to the predictor now.

I haven’t verified it with the game, since I don’t plan to open any myself. But it should work, basically the same code used for Gold.