Chest drop predictor


Yikes. Opened 3 to see where I was and not even close to anything good


Anyone know what the approximate minimum open is to find out where you are? Sometimes its 2 or 3, sometimes it can be around 7 or 8 to get it fully dialed in

(runic specific)


Not a lot of duplicates in the runic list, so I expect it to dial in relatively quickly. Bonus is on it’s own list however, so that won’t dial in at all until you’ve done one or two bonus chests.


Kinda need to hit the 2 legendary drops to know where you are, so min 2 max 20.


I got enough in 3 to have everything except legendary drops filled in


this is a tool to soothe my curiousity, to me 8k ruby is way too much even for 1 mythic rage


Maybe a wee bug: In the current bronze chest list, there are two “Sigil (x25)” options in the Rare list. If I pick the wrong one I get the wrong prediction for my next Rare drop. (predicted egg tokens, got sigils instead). I’m guessing there shouldn’t be two different entries in the list, and one of them is different.


I probably left a trailing space in while copying the new list, good catch! I’ll fix it up as soon as I get the chance.


Fixed, thanks again for reporting!


Woohoo!! :fireworks:


Updated for fort, atlas still missing so no atlas chests atm.


Must be same for atlas :thinking:


Are there any plans to add silver chests? I opened some last night and got a Legendary warrior attack, so now I’m interested.


Yes, I do want to add them, but they’re a bit more complicated to implement, and I’ve been slacking off :joy:


Hehe. No hurry, but … hurry? :stuck_out_tongue:

This legendary dark flak attack glyph and legendary sorcerer attack glyph in the event prizes should keep me distracted for a little while. :slight_smile:


Damn, take those odds to Vegas :drooling_face:


No, I used the chest predictor :heart_eyes:


slacking is good, leave it all to Orca :rofl::rofl::rofl:


:flushed: That seems too… complicated…


Atlas chests working again.